March 29, 2015 by Mike Laubscher

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The last week saw us out 4 times, its been extremely frustrating as the fishing has been difficult. I can’t blame it on the conditions as the conditions awesome, water has been warm and crystal clear, full of bait fish, sprats and flying fish. On the 3 shorter trips we managed to get a good haul of Sarda Sarda, Small Yellowfin Tuna and Bonnies, but nothing big at all except for a marlin on/off, plenty Dolphins around. Yesterday I had a 12hr trip and we were looking for a Marlin, we decided to go out to the continental shelf and left early, all the way out we had no action. then when 70km offshore past 2000m deep the water colour changed from purple to a lighter blue and we saw a huge group of about 14 Humpback whales which to me is very odd for this time of year in 26 deg.C water. The birds were going mad and we managed to get 3 good sized Dorado out there. Then on the 70km haul home the only action we got was an Oceanic Bonito. I forgot to mention in my previous report when we got the Blue Marlin that we found a tiny little Bat some 55km out, I have no idea how he got there but I managed to catch him and released him when back at shore. Shame the poor little thing was almost at the point of exhaustion when I grabbed him.

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