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Captain Rafa and the Dutch

November 18, 2016 by Rafael Apellaniz

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The Catch
Jack Crevalle

November 18th, 2016
Morning Charter
Jared Van Groningen, California
This morning the big greenies showed up, this usually for tells the arrival of big tarpon. We filled up the livewell and started heading out to the bay, on the way I saw some rolling tarpon, so I stopped and casted some greenies out. 5 minutes later, the first strike, a poon, about 40 lbs., he gave a beautiful fight, Jared’s first tarpon! Somehow the fishing shows don’t tell the whole story, they always fight harder than people think. With that one released, next a jack, the usual suspect, that is 2 for 2. We left that area and landed in tarpon heaven! Rollers everywhere, we started sight casting and the tarpon hit back, Jared proceeded to jump and loose the next 4 tarpon, but we kept at it and landed the next, another tarpon 40 lbs. and then another jack. We were seen big tarpon but no takers. We lost another tarpon and then right in the middle of the tide, there she was all 80 lbs. of silver beauty, jumped twice and ran and jumped again, Jared did great! 30 minutes later there she was, she gave up and let me handle her gently for a picture. I am sure, Jared won’t forget our day and when people ask, what was the best part of his Caribbean vacation, he will say, it was the time when I saw an 80 lbs. silver rocket flying 10 feet in the air.

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