November 22, 2016 by Mike Laubscher

Trip Info

The Catch

We got going just after 06h00, itbwas overcast and a moderate SW wind was blowing, the sea was better than I expected and water temps averaged 21.7deg.C, we decided to stay shallow and head up the coast. Just a short while out the harbour we had 2 lines go with some really decent fish, reels screaming rods bent, I suspect Tuna or Big Bonnies. Sadley both fish got taxed by a Shark, I think the same one, even my Williamson Speed pros got taken. Put some more on and we continued and after about an hour we had another 2 lines go and one got taxed again by a shark costing me another Speed pro and on the other line we landed a really good size Bonnie (Kawa Kawa) with my Speed Pro attached. We had 2 guys that did not feel so well and headed back to port and back on the dock before 10h00. These Williamson speed pros really troll well at high speed, will have to get me some more.

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