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5 Marlin/Day Averages!

March 29, 2015 by Kenneth P. Busick

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Good morning guys, Captain Kenny Busick here from my home here in La Paz, Mexico today.  The boys and I just finished up three days of fishing on the Pacific Side, Los Frailes, La Ribera and Gordo Banks areas, We have some incredible sport fishing action to report.  One day of fishing on the Pacific side resulted in zero fish and the other two days on the Sea of Cortez side produced 5 Marlin/day averages.  This is my Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report for the week ending March 29th, 2015.  We fished three days last week with 2 different groups.  The first team up was from Michigan mostly.  The boys were visiting Cabo to celebrate the upcoming wedding of one of their guys with a Fishing Bachelor Party.  There were 12 anglers in their party which is not a real number of guys to put on the boat if you are a serious about your fishing.  The leader of the group instructed me to have plenty of ice cold beer and food on the boat as his first priority and then as a secondary priority he said “let’s see if we can fish em up.”  So, that is what we did.  This was a really nice group of guys who just wanted to go out and party and have fun and catch what we could catch.  We decided to work up the beach in hopes of finding schooling Dorado and Sierra, so that everyone would have a chance to catch a fish regardless of size.  Plus, we could then give them the fillets to take home to their chef to prepare that night at their home in Pedregal. Well the Ice Cold Mexican Beer was working and the food was incredible, but the pinche fish were not co-operating. We found several schools, but they just didn’t want to go.  It was disappointing for me and my crew, because we always want to put the fish on the boat for you guys.  This group was really having a good time eating and mostly drinking and playing their tunes on our sound system.  They were having so much fun they didn’t seem to even notice that we weren’t catching anything.  Truth be told, that is why they call it fishing guys.  All in all we had a really good time and made some new friends. On the next day we got the boat ready for our good friend and long time client Efren from Mexicali, Mexico.  Efren and his team are very serious anglers.  The beauty of being a long term client with us is that you develop a relationship of trust with your Captain and his crew.  If you are going to spend all the time and money to go fishing, you have got to trust your Captain 100% to make the right call for your trip.  We will do what ever we can to help get your trophy fish to the boat.  We are not always right, but we do this for a living every day and our desire is to make you happy.  In order to get the job done, sometimes you have to think out side of the box.  This meant that Efren and his team would have to abandon their plans to sleep in a hotel in Cabo and head with us on the Samurai to the East Cape.  We left Cabo at 9PM that night making our way down to Frailes.  We slept on the hook in Frailes.  Fact is that the boat and anchorage were very comfortable and we all woke up feeling great and excited about our chances. The next morning at 6AM we were up and fishing towards La Ribera.  We had the first Marlin to the boat within an hour of starting our work on this day.  We ended up raising 5 Marlin for that day as we made our way up to La Ribera.  On the next day we also raised 5 Marlin.  We fished in the morning in Buena Vista, down through Frailes with the jigs.  We made a final stop for 3 Marlin on the Gordo Banks with the Ballyhoo.  So, this time the decision to move the boat worked out and the clients ended up with a 2 day fishing trip filled with Marlin and Wahoo.  We also go to fish and camp on the boat in some very remote and absolutely pristine wilderness area’s.  We all had a really good time and the weather and fishing could not have been much better.  The boys have another trip of a lifetime aboard the Samurai for their memory, plus photos of all their fish.  We served a standing prime rib roast for Efren’s Birthday, which I prepared in the middle of nowhere somewhere south of Buena Vista at anchor.  It was awesome!  The food and beverage aboard the boat was incredible as usual.  I would love to share this type of adventure with you and your team soon.  Please give me a call or shoot me an email, so we can starting planning your trip of a lifetime!  Thank you for stopping by to read my report, I hope you have enjoyed our time together.  God Bless!  I have enclosed some photos for your review of our trip.  Let’s make plans to fish em up soon!

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