Sightcasting Pumkin Colored Redfish

April 03, 2015 by Louis Rossignol

Trip Info


Good Friday, and a Good Friday it was.

I didn’t have a trip on Friday so I decided to do a little
soul searching. I find fishing alone awesome. I’ve
always done it in Lake Ponchartrain and it’s even
cooler dowin in Venice.

The Plan; Rob the pumpkin patch, and I did.

All fish caught on plastic, and all fish were sight
casted. I found this little grass filled pond with
crystal clear water, and when I saw a fish, I
casted. I lost some monsters too that would just
get too wrapped up in the grass and i couldn’t get them out..

Enjoy the pics, these fish were absolutely
beautiful and will make some great Couvillion for
Easter Sunday!!!

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