Boca Grande Fishing Reports

Goliath & Flats Fishing

April 03, 2015 by Andrew Herzog

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We have fished with the Moson family for years!  A spring break tradition.  This trip they wanted to test their strength on a goliath grouper.  Waiting for the tide to change we past some time on the flats catching trout and jacks on artificials.  Diana & David were on a roll using gulp shrimp.  Sandra and Derek were catching jacks and lady fish on spoons. 

We headed to the goliath location and threw out a live bait.  This always gets them fired up.  It only took a few mins before Derek was hooked up.  He worked hard trying his best to prevent this fish from breaking him off in the structure.  Check out that intense bend on the Ande rod! This fish did not want to give up.  Every time you gain line they fight back harder.  Dragging the 300lb line though debris.  After an intense battle his catch finally surfaced.  Beautiful 150lb + goliath grouper!  Posed for a few quick snapshots with Captain Andrew. 

Fun family day on the water.  As we were headed back to the marina we even had the local dolphin pop up for a boat side hello!  I look forward to the next time we’re back on the water together, making more memories. It’s Dad’s turn next!

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