April 08, 2015 Durban 1 photo

Trip Summary

What a hectic day, we launched at 06h00 for an 8hr Game Fishing Charter and the conditions were great, water clean and warm but cooler than it was on my last 2 trips. I started out using 50lb tackle because I was tired of loosing my X-Raps on the 30lb tackle. In the first 5hrs things were quiet and we landed 1 Yellowfin Tuna and we lost 2 small Dorado. I then decided to change down to 30lb tackle running 4 smaller X-Raps and 3 feathers for the way home. At about the same time the wind changed. This was when things got wild and the next 3hrs was so full of action there was not a dull moment. First up we got a small Bonnie and then the action got hectic and we hooked up another 14 Yellowfin Tuna including a 4 up and a 7 up and 1 really good size Yellowfin. We also hooked up 2 Black Marlin on the little Jet Feathers and had each one on for about 30min on the 30lb tackle and it both cases the small hooks opened up. In the end we got back to the Marina 1.5hrs late with 15 Yellowfin Tuna on deck and a Bonnie. What a crazy day.
Mike Laubscher
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
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Big Wahoo, Small Marlin, Tuna and a ton
Big Wahoo, Small Marlin, Tuna and a ton
December 30, 2020
Big Wahoo, Small Marlin, Tuna and a ton of Dorado off Durban Fishing Report – Durban – 30th December Fishing has been great this season with good fish being caught on all trips, the Dorado have been thick with many being caught, there are also some nice Yellowfin Tuna about and finally the Wahoo have arrived, when the Wahoo arrive the Black Marlin are also around. Yesterday Fat Girl crew managed to land an awesome 1st Wahoo for the season weighing in at 17.5kg, and whilst they get much bigger in other parts of the world for Durban this is a good catch as they usually average 8-12Kg. With today not wanting to be outdone by yesterday the Fat Girl crew managed to hook up and release a small Black Marlin just past the south pier whilst clearing lines to enter port. This Marlin was a first for angler Giulio and so a huge congratulations to him. For Skipper Erik’s son Ruben who has been working as a deckhand for us during his school holidays it is his first interaction with a Marlin and he saw it chasing the kona whilst clearing lines and teased it to perfection to get the hook up and so a huge congratulations to him, how awesome for him and his dad to share a memory like this together. This Black Marlin is also the 4th Black that has been caught on Fat Girl in 2020 in the shallows between no.1 reef and the harbour entrance as we had 3 before the lock down in the shallows and just shows that one does not need to travel far in Durban to catch Marlin. I take this opportunity to wish all for 2021 and stay safe.