Wicked Wide-Open Wahoo Madness

April 09, 2015 by Randy Rode

Trip Info


Fishing with Chris from Texas, we had three great days of fishing here on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, leaving out of the famous Laguna Gri-Gri in the town of the Rio San Juan, one of the prettiest and most protected places to keep a boat on the entire island. We headed out to fish the soon-to-be-famous North Coast Drop, where 1,000` of water depth is only a few miles offshore, and proceeded to head up to the east, into the rolling swells. After quite a few Dorado encounters, the long center-rigger bait came down and the fight was on! For more than 30 minutes Chris battled the, then unknown denizen of the deep. At first we thought it was a marlin that would`t jump, it didn`t fight up and down enough to be a tuna, what could it be?......a wahoo?......maybe, but it was awful strong, and we just could`t seem to gain any line. When we saw deep color, it turned out to be a nice 72# wahoo, one of the biggest yet! Log onto FishingBooker.com and book a trip with me, you too can be a hero!

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