Fishing is Great, so is the wildlife

April 02, 2015 by Russ Walker

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One of the perks of being a Florida Saltwater Fishing Guide is being on the ocean or in the gulf waters almost daily. It has afforded me many amazing sightings of it’s inhabitants and aquatic miracle opportunities I’ve been a part of that most people will never have the chance too. I cheer almost daily loudly to celebrate these encounters. From Whales to the majestic Sea Turtles. From giant Sharks to playful Manatees. From Chattering Porpoise to flights of Stingrays under not unlike the birds above the waters surface. I give thanks each day for these opportunities. It is truly amazing to be a part of it all. Because of the incredible inspiration given me, I salute Nature, the Salt Life and all the beautiful things I’ve seen and to God above for the opportunity to see it all.
I wrote this poem to say Thanks for all You’ve given me.!

The Encounter
Early misty morning, Buzzards’ up on high.
Lifting, without effort, through clouds up in the sky.
And what is this, a miracle? that I stop to see.
There, just below the water’s edge, a face is looking back at me.
Smiling at this awesome sight, I turn to give my wife a nod,
Could you ever see a thing like this and believe there’s not a God?
Like an Alien here amongst us, cept with purpose, so much poise,
Entranced, we stare at one another, making not a single noise.
With all compassion I bless “THEE”, It’s all I have to give,
I know all you seek is sanctuary, a safe protected place to live.
So swim, go away now my friend and Thanks for stopping by,
Suddenly, I realize something falling from my eye.
A tear of joy, a tribute, it was something to behold,
I know I’ll keep this memory inside, until I’m very old.
Now each time see a buzzard or gaze deep into the blue
I’ll see the face down in the water and remember it was you.

My tribute to the amazing wildlife of Florida
Muddoggie, a/k/a Russell D Walker Sr.

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