April 11, 2015 by Mike Laubscher

Trip Info


We launched into lovely conditions, but the water was green and colder than it has been for a while, we trolled some Rapala’s for about 22km heading North and only found good clean water after 70m in front of Umdhloti where we hooked up into some Yellowfin Tuna. The clients had requested some bottom fishing and even though the current was screaming and we suggested that we carry on looking for Tuna they insisted and we obliged. It was very difficult getting the lines down with the boat drifting at 5-7Km/hr. We still managed some good fish and landed some Englishmen and Rockod along with a some Soldier Bream. Making our way back towards Durban and docked with 2 Yellowfin, 8 good bottom fish and a bunch of smaller ones.

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