Snook Eats Redfish

March 15, 2017 by Herman Carter

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The Catch
Spanish Mackerel
Speckled Trout

Joe and I set off from Placida for a Snook fishing trip. Bait came very easy, on a nearby flat, after about six casts. They were very nice green backs that averaged 4 inches long or so. The first stop was a sandy beach that dropped down to a small narrow grass flat. The Snook were staged on the sandy area and eating greenies. Joe was up on me three to zip. They averaged 24 inches. Then Joe hooked a small redfish that was almost eaten by a very large Snook, six feet from the boat. That Snook blow up on it twice, like a big bass on a top water lure. I have never even heard of that before. The redfish had lip marks on one side. That was just about as crazy as Joe out fishing me. From the past, I know that sometimes you have to be patient. This is defined as suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. Then it happened, I set the hook and had half of my spool ripped out. I put pressure on the spool in an attempt to turn the fish. That worked all right, as the pressure went from freight train to nothing. The feeling of lose was great. I started reeling and still no pressure, so I picked up the reel revolution speed to high gear until I had pressure again. The fish turned and ran back to the boat. What was it? Could it be an inshore Wahoo, with all that speed or a hard pulling stingray? I had no idea yet because it never jumped or showed it self. As it pasted on the starboard side of the boat I saw it. A giant Snook, that went around the boat and finally into the net for a quick photo. It was 36 inches long. There you go Joe, get you some of that. He later said that he was going to start talking trash but know better. I started to catch some very nice trout on the port side of the boat. We boated one very scared redfish, many trout and about seven Snook. The snook that I’m holding has red in his eyes.
As we moved from spot to spot, it was Snook, trout and a few Spanish mackerel.
Check out my last inshore video on You Tube, search ( darel c). Its a great video of a 6 year old girl catching snook, trout and flounder.

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