April 10, 2015 by Randy Rode

Trip Info


After crushing the big Dorado and wahoo offshore for three days straight, my gentleman angler, Chris, and I decided to take the 12 foot pilchard cast net and catch some liveys, which we did. Then we made the short trip a few hundred yards to the river mouth where we proceeded to see some small jack crevalles jumping around in the dirty water. They would`t even eat a live Spanish sardine, the rain the night before, just dirtied up the water too much. We moved out to the inshore reef, only a hundred yards offshore, and pretty close to the blue water, where we proceeded to have some fun with some big strawberry groupers, yellowtails, and other assorted bottom dwellers. At the end of our reef fishing, Mr. Barracuda came around, and was begging to give us some light tackle action, so we complied and had a nice fight on a light custom rod filled with 12# test mono.
The half-day trip was a nice break from the blue water trolling. Log onto fishing anytime and inquire about a trip with me. We`ll do any kind of fishing you want! Capt. Randy Rode….. 44 yrs experience

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