7 days in a row

May 01, 2015 by Sidney Silberberg

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I fished every day of this past week.  The first day I fished with my friend Tom and limited out on bass weighing up to 2.5 pounds (see photo). 

Next day Bob and I went out and you guessed it limited out again on bass weighing up to 4 pounds in a short span of time.  Fishing was great and I was looking forward to another successful day with George and Shawn.  We set out early morning and started in the Narrows and worked my way to the vineyards. No sign of birds anywhere but we saw lots of bait balls and fish were jumping all over I was thinking this is going to be a great day but to our dismay after trying every which way to entice the fish all we managed was a 1.5 pound bass.  It was a ROUGH day.

Next day I took Albert and Frank out.  I hit all the right spots with no luck.  We tried our best but that’s how it goes sometimes.  The next day I went out by myself and fished in two of my favorite coves.  I decided to use the wacky worm setup and ended up catching sixteen bass the largest one under 2 pounds and most of them under 1 pound it was a lot of fun.

The next day I took Richard and Grant out.  I started deep in the Narrows and as we headed into the main lake we saw lots of balls of bait and fish jumping.  I headed into the back of a cove where Albert had caught his 10.5 pound bass hoping we could do a repeat of that moment but it did not happen.  We trolled towards the vineyard and Grant got a bite and landed a 1.5 pound crappie on a Speed Trap crank bait.  I took them to a spot I thought would be good and we switched to the wacky worm using a dark color Senko worm.  Within the first few minutes Grant got smacked hard and landed a 8 pound bass (see photo).  He was elated and after a few pictures he kissed the bass good bye and we watched it swim away.  No breaks for Grant he cast out again and landed a 2+ pound bass.  We fished three points by the Bureau changing the dark worm to a lighter color and you guessed it Grant gets another hit.  For me it was a great week of fishing even the bad days are still great.  ‘til next time…good fishing!!!!!

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