Offshore 2015 CLASSIC

May 02, 2015 by Leonie Penninkhof

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2015 Offshore Classic was just not meant to be the one for Team Skipjack. As the last lines up call is made we all turn to each other for high fives and hugs when the screeching sound of a reel gets our Full attention. Yip less than a minute past lines up we hook the fish of My Life! Back on the Radio Ron confirms that Skipjack will not have lines up and start running but that we will stay and fight an unqualified fish. With various words of encouragement from both my team and other competition boats Im strapped into my black magic and ready!!!! So the “how to fight a tuna” video studied for weeks prior to the comp starts playing itself through my head. Pump and wind…...keep knees bent…...remember to breath…....when he goes left you go right….don’t let the line touch the gunnel…..remember to breath…..
OK so its not THAT difficult….then I see the fish….holy shit!!!!!!!
Ron manages to remind me to stay calm and I remind myself to breath!!!!!
Within 18 minutes the Tuna is at the boat… took Ron Brandon and Bradley to secure my beast with Ron almost swimming himself!

Its over…

” All competition boats. This is Skipjack. I have just had the fight of my life. Our fish has been boated. ....... lines up and running.”

It took about 10 minutes to get channel 71 back to normal. Thanks to all the boats that showed amazing sportsmanship and made me feel 100% part of the fleet!!!!

Big big…. thanks to Ron David Brandon and Bradley for making this possible.

See you all at the 2016 Offshore Classic…..
Till then Tight Lines.

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