Grouper, Amberjacks, Mahi, and More

May 02, 2015 by Todd Malicoat

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Spring is our favorite time to fish in south florida.  The bite is generally fantastic with the list of potentially targeted species very high.  The bait has been a bit difficult in Miami since the bug light was moved.  It was a spring/ summer, go to bait spot for many natives for years.  This makes the likelihood of live-chumming pilchards much lower.  We’ve been using ballyhoo, google eyes, and some pilchards when we can find them for blackfin tunas, kingfish, and mahi-mahi.  Trolling offshore, also produces mahi-mahi, and if you spend enough time, you may even witness a jumping swordfish on the surface like we did last week.

There are still a few sailfish passing through, but the wind and current has to be just right to catch one slipping that will eat a long bait.  Groupers and cobias are being reported on the wrecks, but there has been consistent large amberjacks biting with current and live bait.  There’s nothing quite like the bend a big reef donkey puts in a bottom rod when you try to wrench him away from a shipwreck.

I spent some time down in Key West with Second Nature Charters, and found a few nice big black groupers thanks to Capt. Danny Zier.  If you’re thinking of heading to the southernmost Key - you’ll find him near city marina - he’ll be the one cleaning all the big fish.

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