North Carolina Fishing Report

July 13, 2017 by Jesse Gawlik

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The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
King Mackerel (Kingfish)
Spanish Mackerel
Tuna (Blackfin)

7/14/17 Fishing Report
Captain Jesse Gawlik Ocean Stinger Fishing Charters
Gulfstream We have been catching Mahi and Blackfin Tuna very good in the last week. We have been targeting the Mahi and the bite has been good in the 55+ mile range. The temp breaks and currents have made the Mahi bite turn on. Studying sst, charts and currents charts is key when the water is warm like it is now.  We have been trolling small ballyhoo on small Ilander skirt rigs to catch both kinds of fish. Best colors for mahi has been blue/white, black/purple and green We have been catching must of our blackfin on small bait less skirts rigs. Most of the fish caught have came off the shotgun and long outrigger set in the chop water.

Offshore: 30-45 mile range were catching Mahi and King Mackerel. We are catching kings in the 28-35 inch range. Kings are biting ballyhoo rigged on skirt rigs on planner rods. Mahi in this range have been biting green skirt rigs, black/purple, and small Ilander rigged with dink ballyhoo. There is really good water moving in from the stream in the next 3-5 days. Knowing the water currents and where they are moving is a must to put Mahi in the boat in the 30-45 mile range. I review current charts and sst charts before each fishing trip to find the best water that will hold the most bait and fish.

Nearshore: While trolling we are catching solid numbers of Spanish mackerel 1-5 miles off Wrightsville. We are catching them while trolling 00 sliver and pink/sliver Clarkspoons spoons. Use #1 planner with 40ft 20lbs floro leaders. You will catch a lot of bonita while fishing for Spanish mackerel.

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