Near Shore Wahoo

May 13, 2015 by Ryan Gill

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It was a typical day on the Gulf State waters, plucking away at the bottom fish, trolling over broken and natural bottom, you know the drill.  While trolling for King Mackerel about 15 miles East of the Destin Pass, something absolutely hammered a silver Rapala X-Rap deep diver.  This was no King. That was made immediately apparent by the violent thrashing on the surface.  After a short, but intense 15 minute battle the tell-tale tiger strips of a Wahoo were in sight.  After a swipe of the gaff the monster hooter severed the 80lb flour-leader.  Thankfully it was a good stick and he was in the box…well, sorta.  At 56”, he didn’t fit all the way in the fish box.  A good problem to have in my book.  The fish weighed in at 45 pounds and the replica from Gray’s Taxidermy will look great on Riley Harsh’s wall back in Pennsylvania!

Although relatively rare to catch a wahoo, much less, one of this size within 5 miles of the beach, there have ben multiple reports of large wahoo patrolling the nearshore live bottom.  A combination of warm, clear water is a major factor in their presence.  My advice, take advantage, because they probably won’t be here long and will push out to their normal hunting grounds 20-60 miles off-shore.

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