Cabo Fishing Report

May 15, 2015 by Kenneth P. Busick

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The Catch
Marlin (Striped)

Hola guys, good morning.  Captain Kenny Busick here in Cabo San Lucas today aboard the Samurai. Yesterday we went Marlin fishing for friends from Los Angeles, California.  We had not fished for about a week, since we were working on boat projects in La Paz.  We made a few phone calls but since we didn’t have any real good reports from guys in the fleet.  I made the call to move the boat about 25-30 miles off shore where the water looked good on the satellite.  The boys from LA got to the boat at 0600, which is perfect.  We picked up the licenses, checked out with Capitan and I were leaving Cabo Harbor by 06:30.  These guys from LA were all saying how serious they were about fishing. 

Let me make a polite point here for you guys.  If you are considering fishing with One Baja Adventures, or with any boat here in Cabo for that matter, please be realistic.  It is our job and it is our passion to put you on the fish. We want you to land the trophy fish of your dreams!  If you show up with 12 people for fishing, that is not a serious fishing trip on a 50 foot boat.  If you have a large group you need to change your focus to be more like “Hey let’s go out and have fun!”  Focus on the fun and I promise you will have a better fishing result. 

Fishing is about being with your family and friends and enjoying your day on the water. You are on vacation, so enjoy experience. If you have 12 people in your party the reality is not everyone is going to get to pull on a fish.  That’s the truth.  But, everyone on board can have a great time if we all work together and have fun!  I hope this makes sense to you.  Anyways, the call to move the boat off shore turned out to be a good move. We found what we were looking for and there were PLENTY of Marlin in the neighbourhood.  We must have seen 5 or 6 Tailers and 3 or 4 Jumpers. We raised 2 Stripers in the spread and got both fish to the boat for a safe release. 

So for those of you that know about Marlin Fishing, that is not a bad day.  I would say this was pretty good action, wouldn’t you?  Not super great fishing, but not bad either.  The fish on this day just didn’t seem to want the tournament presentation.  We did get 1 fish on the jig and 1 fish came on a trolled dead bait.  We pitched a couple of live baits to the Tailing Marlin, but they didn’t want to eat. The boys that were more experienced fishermen said they were happy with our work.  These guys had a good time for sure.  The guys that didn’t have as much experience were a little disappointed that they didn’t get to pull on a fish.  I certainly don’t blame them for wanting a chance to pull on a trophy fish, or for being frustrated.  Just remember this isn’t Sea World.  We cannot make a phone call and say “please deliver the 100 Tuna, 100 Dorado or 50 Wahoo over here in this area today”.  When you do make plans to go fishing with us or someone else make sure you have a reasonable expectation and you will not be disappointed.  Your best opportunity for fun will come from saying “Let’s go out and have fun!”  A Positive Fishing Attitude will go a long ways to help you finding hungry fish and putting fish on the boat for table fare or for your photo opportunities.  Marlin fishing is day by day and week by week process.  Day in and day out we are fishing and sharpening our skills for your benefit.  We are going to do the best we can to put you and your team on the fish of your dreams.  So come and have fun with us and remember they call it “fishing” not “catching”  I am confident you will agree we work very hard to make all our guests happy.  We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you soon.  Lalo, Chef Erick and I are standing by to serve you.  Let’s make plans to fish em up soon.  I am Captain Kenny Busick here today in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for One Baja Adventures. 

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