weekend Warrior's

May 16, 2015 by Joe Eskay

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Getting out early is key when fishing the weekends here, by 630am boats were already lined scanning the beaches for Tarpon, we circumvented the usual places for beach Tarpon and went to a remote strip of beach where we could have a better chance of a hook up without the crowd seeing us. The first pod of fish showed themselves around 7am we lined up, stalked and made a pitch with a live blue crab, Fish On! We had the whole beach to ourselves in this area, it’s not well know but it produces fish when other places won’t, total of three fish in the air by I am, we then went off to snook and redfish for the rest of the day. Not a bad busy weekend trip, 3 Tarpon in the air and plenty of snook a redfish action by noon.

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