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Review of Gottcha Big Game - M/V Queen Marlin

November 23, 2017

Description of trip is a scam. We fished for about a total of maybe 4-5 hours. No hook ups at all. The fishing waters in the area have been cleaned out by commercial net trollers. We were taken to a crowded cove with no reef or fish to view while “snorkeling”. The lunch was good and the local Thai first mate did his job. However, the captain basically got drunk, insulted my daughter multiple times. If you waste your time and money on this trip, then you area obviously the world’s biggest moron. Buyer beware!!!

Robert R Silzer does not recommend Gottcha Big Game - M/V Queen Marlin
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Howard Wilson (The Captain)
Replied to this review on Saturday, November 25, 2017

Hi Robert,
First I am a bit surprised that a proffestional like youself had some really bad things to say about me and did not say anything during the trip ?????
We started the trip at just past 8am and started fishing 20 minutes out from our base and finished just after 4.30 coming back into the marine park ! less the 1hour for lunch tha’ts 7 plus hours were I come from.
The weather was not in our favor as I told you and seeing most of your family had sea sick patches on I decided to run with the sea to give a smoother ride for everyone ,
In doing so I did tell you that we would miss some of the fishing ground we normally fish ???
The bay we went to was the only option we had due to the weather ( thats why there was so many boats there ).
we cannot anchor on coral ( fine up to 100.000 baht and a jail sentence ) so I had no option for you to swim in any other area due to sea conditions and as the bay was full I could not take the boat safely into the reefs were most of the fish are ! ( out of my control ) This is a safety issue to you and your group.
As to insulting your daughter I cannot belive you have sed that ? I did ask qustions about things she thought she new about but really did not so clarified here and explained several topics she was unclear about !!! This is a positive aproach and sometimes can be a little blured if you find that your information was incorrect !
As to been drunk Ha Ha Ha.
I had 15 beers on the boat ( As you did not bring any for your trip ) and shared them with YOU and your family so you got that ALL Wrong.
maybe it was the beer that made you right such a bad report ! Please read other reviews !!
There is nothing like your review on any of them.
As to fishing we can only try to do our best to catch fish !!!!!!!
I do not control the Thai waters, there commical fishing boats or the like but I do respect the Thai Laws and can only fish were that states !!!

Enjoy your holiday and dont drink to many Tigers ( BEERS )

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