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Top Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Gold Coast

Deep Sea Fishing in Gold Coast

Magazines and fishing experts all agree that with all its deep sea fishing charters, Gold Coast has a lot to brag about. Here you’ll find some of the most diverse fishing, and not just in this part of the world. There is great action offshore, thanks to Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi, and Tuna. It’s hard not to get hooked and extend your trips. The season starts with the summer months, as the temperature rises, and goes on until late May. The safest bet is a full day trip. And not because you can’t get anything closer to shore, but because there is so much to fish for.

What can I get off the Gold Coast?

Generally, save winter for table fare, come for game fish in summer. The warm currents coming down to the coast will signal the new game fishing season and then the speedy Wahoo will promote it further, leading up to the Billfish season.

Once the heat starts, you could get any of the big names of sport fishing. Wahoo start biting already in November and stay here until the winter. Then, as the temperature picks up, Marlin come to the stage, somewhere in December. You won’t get rid of them until February. About that same time, you could be trolling for Yellowfin Tuna. While you’re out there, you could also hook a Mahi or two. Then at the start of the year, Sailfish come to play and stay for about two months. Yes, we know. It’s difficult to choose what to target. So many options, so little time. But, there’s always the next deep sea fishing season!  

Where to find game fish?

Each season brings something new, but lately, anglers have been aiming for the 50 fathom reef. Many Marlin have been caught in the shallow waters a few miles past the 50’ reef. There are productive ridges between 20 and 30 kilometers offshore and you can get a hefty catch. Look for the continental shelf, and pay attention to temperature breaks and current eddies. The Tweed Nine Mile is popular for Wahoo, whereas Tuna will stay close to bait schools. Look up for the birds as they will indicate where the fish are. It will take some time before you get to the deep sea fishing grounds, so it’s best to charter a full day. It might seem like a long ride, but when the blow comes for your bait, you’ll know it’s totally worth it.

Top Targeted Deep Sea Fishing Species in Gold Coast

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

Yellowtail Amberjack

Tuna (Yellowfin)

Marlin (Black)