Perth Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Perth Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Best Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Perth

Deep Sea Fishing in Perth

The deep sea fishing charters Perth offers are your gateway to quality table fare and hefty game fish. From September to March you can get bags full of tasty fish and cameras filled with smoking hot photos of the fishing action. Perth has a rich supply both down its busy streets and down the reefy and sandy patches of its coastline. If you’re more of a city sicker, you can go fishing and still have the time to do a bit of shopping later in the day. If you want fishing action, you’ll get it.

What species can I target on deep sea fishing charters in Perth?

Of all the fishing species that swim around the ocean floor off Perth, none are more popular than Pink Snapper. Dhufish comes pretty close behind and anglers take pride in managing to pull one of these fellas down from the bottom waters.

You can also fish for Baldchin Groper, as well as Queen Snapper. Not to mention that a single day can also get you Silver Trevally, nicknamed ‘Skippy’, as well as Samson Fish that goes by ‘Sambo’ in the local angling world. Once you drop your bait you can also get Red Snapper and Black Arse Cod.

Of course, Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna, as well as Billfish, are the main prize. Striped Marlin swim around the FADs out of the Rottnest Island where the waters drop to about 300 meters. You can get them by trolling. Local anglers advise using 15 and 24 kg outfits.

What to expect on a deep sea fishing trip off Perth?

On most local deep sea fishing charters, you will be exploring the waters up to 300 meter deep. It takes some time to get there, but it’s worth the travel, especially if you get to see a school of Striped Marlins swim by, or some Yellowfin Tunas.

If you’re a hardcore angler and want to go past the 300 meter mark, some captains can customize the trip to take you exactly to the spots you want. For less experienced anglers, don’t worry - there is a lot to get even at shallower depths.

Depending on how far you go, you can start scouting the bottoms already within 30 minutes from the dock. The captain will help you present the bait properly. You want to target fish at a certain depth, so the crew will use sinkers of different weights to get the bait at the right place.

But what can really get your adrenalin running is the fact that you don’t always know what you might pull out of the water. And the suspense is what kids love. So, if you want super tasty fish that’s fun to catch, than Perth is a good place for you to go deep sea fishing.

And, once the ocean floor plummets, you can expect Marlins and Tunas to show up. The Rottnest Island waters fish extremely well for these fellas and they put up an awe-inspiring fight.

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Keep the line in the water as you'll never know what will strike your hook.
4.7 / 5
Keep the line in the water as you'll never know what will strike your hook.
Terry  H.
Terry H. Piara Waters, WA
Go out on a booked trip they will enjoy the hospitality from Captain and crew
5.0 / 5
Go out on a booked trip they will enjoy the hospitality from Captain and crew
Judy  C.
Judy C. Cloverdale, Western Australia

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