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Best Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Cayman Islands

Deep Sea Fishing in Cayman Islands

In the heart of the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands are perfectly located to get you on deep waters. With nothing but sea for at least 230 miles in any direction, you’ll have the open oceans at your mercy, giving you the chance to go after a range of prized creatures. A Cayman Islands deep sea fishing adventure will let you get your fish on in style!

What fish can I target?

When your mind wanders to the Caribbean, you probably think of the golden beaches and crystal clear waters. The fish in the water are just as impressive! Blue and White Marlin, Blackfin and Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and many more sought-after beasts call these waters home. 
Each of these tough-fighting creatures promises an intense battle, with Tuna plunging to the depths with your bait and Marlin leaping out of the water to get off your line. Unlike in some places, the fish don’t grow to trophy sizes here, but their game qualities are just as strong, so settle in for a thrilling day’s fishing.

What to Expect

The great thing about deep sea fishing in the Cayman Islands is that it takes no time at all to get you to the productive fishing grounds. Within minutes, you can be battling it out with your target fish. Hop aboard a trip as short as four hours and land a couple of prized fish, or spend up to a few days on board putting your angling skills to the test and filling the boat with delicious meat.
Some charters take place aboard monster offshore sportfishing boats, where your comfort is paramount. These vessels are designed to give you the luxury treatment, so there’s plenty to keep you entertained even when you’re not fishing. Families and large groups may want to consider a trip aboard one of these beautiful boats, with space on some for up to 25 people. 
Avid anglers can get their fish on aboard more purpose-built fishing boats, such as center consoles. With the deep waters so close, you won’t need a huge machine, and center consoles can actually be of greater benefit to the more experienced. Make use of the 360-degree views and follow the fish from the bite to the boat as you battle it out. 

When to Go

Another bonus of Cayman Islands deep sea fishing is that it’s year-round. With a tropical climate, the islands offer you the chance to get out on the water whenever you like. The top pick of the big game fishing comes in summer, however, with the number of pelagics reaching its peak in the blistering heat. 

How to Prepare

All Cayman Islands deep sea fishing guides are passionate anglers, with many of them having moved to the Caribbean to follow their love of fishing. These captains will provide everything you need for a productive day out, including all the gear and bait or lures. Most will provide bottled water and some will offer lunch on longer trips. If this isn’t the case, you should bring your own food and drinks aboard and settle in for a fun-filled day out. 
Don’t miss out on landing yourself a prized fish when you’re in the Caribbean. Hop aboard a Cayman Islands deep sea fishing charter and get your fish on!

Cayman Islands

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Top Targeted Deep Sea Fishing Species in Cayman Islands

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

Tuna (Yellowfin)

Tuna (Yellowfin)



Marlin (Blue)

Marlin (Blue)