You can hook into more than 30 kinds of game fish while deep sea fishing Los Angeles. Some of these are tasty bottom dwellers such as White Seabass, Calico Bass, Rockfish, and Halibut, while others are hard fighting pelagics like Yellowtail Amberjack, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Marlin. With so many possibilities and warm weather throughout much of the year, it’s easy to see where Los Angeles sportfishing got its reputation!

What to Catch and When

To cast lines in the deepest water around, you have to venture roughly 20-60 miles out. Santa Catalina Island (about 22 miles from the coast) marks the threshold to LA’s best deep sea fishing. Casting lines in the surrounding waters and anywhere beyond will fetch you some of the biggest fish you can find, including Marlin, Tuna, and trophy Mako Sharks.

Deep sea fishing boasts a spectacular season from spring through fall, with many species peaking throughout the summer. Rockfish season opens in spring, making California Sheephead, Lingcod, and Vermillion Rockfish available to anglers. Springtime also sees an increase in offshore Halibut, Calico Bass, and Barracuda.

In summer, Tuna start to arrive. Far offshore you might land an Albacore Tuna, whereas Bluefin and Yellowfin can be found near Catalina Island. In late summer and fall, you can even target Yellowfin Tuna in the Catalina Channel, less than 20 miles from the coast. Blue Marlin and large Yellowtail Amberjack also reach their peak in summer. Yellowtail near the islands are known to reach 40 lbs on occasion.

How to Fish

While deep sea fishing Los Angeles you can expect to spend most of your time trolling and bottom fishing. Local anglers have honed various methods they like to use for targeting specific species, as well, such as fly lining live bait and using a dropper loop.

Bottom fishing and fly lining live bait are effective for landing a variety of fish along the coast and near the islands. You can catch White Seabass, Sand Bass, Calico Bass, Lingcod, Rockfish, Barracuda, and Yellowtail using these methods. Baitfish could include anchovies, sardines, squid, or mackerel. It’s possible to land Yellowtail using iron jigs as well as live bait.

For pelagic game fish, anglers rely on the tried and true art of trolling. Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Marlin, and Sharks are all privy to this tactic, whether you rely on live bait or artificial lures. Many anglers also chum for Tuna and Sharks, using cut or live bait such as anchovies and sardines. 

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