Best Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Fort Lauderdale

Top Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Fort Lauderdale

Deep Sea Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Deep sea fishing out of Fort Lauderdale is fast and merciless. The fish are line-cutting, hopes-crashing, but tasty and nutrient enough to keep you satiated for a while. Head into the Atlantic waters and there are some great fishing opportunities around offshore reefs, ledges, and wrecks. Grab your live bait and get going.

What species can I get off Fort Lauderdale?

Fine fisheries are not far away from the coast. A six hour trip will be enough to get you the best of species, including Wahoo, Mahi, and Tuna. It takes about 15 minutes by boat to get to the nearest fisheries and then rig your live bait. Just as you go past the Intracoastal Waterway and enjoy the view of houses lined down the beach, you will find yourself already in 200 ft deep waters, within two miles offshore. Half a mile later, and there’s a steep drop-off with water depths going to 500 ft. That’s where you will find Snapper, Grouper, but also hard hitting Wahoo, Mahi, Tunas, and Sailfish.

Fort Lauderdale boasts over a hundred of shipwrecks and 20+ miles of reefs. There’s only one thing that tops that - the fact that water depths go from 20 to 300 ft. Excellent fishing opportunities are everywhere, whether you’re looking for big fish to eat or game fish to mount and perch over the fireplace.

As you head out, you can make a quick stop at the nearby bait buoy then make run for the offshore fisheries. Trolling is a good way to explore these territories as you can end up with Mahi, Wahoo, and Tuna at the end of your line.

And, if you want something exotic, why not go far out, some 15 miles from the port and into the heart of the gulf stream current in search of Swordfish? Whether it’s day or night, Swordfishing has become incredibly popular. You would have the chance to do some deep dropping as the Swordfish lie at 1000+ ft in broad daylight. It’s tense but well worth the shot if you manage to get them out.

When to go fishing deep waters off Fort Lauderdale?

Come March, the east wind will bring bull Mahi to 100 ft waters, while wreck fishing lits up  during early spring weeks and stays consistent for several months. You could be getting Amberjacks, Almaco Jacks, Cobia, and Barracuda over 200 ft deep shipwreck fisheries.

If you like the fast lane, then fast trolling with live bait for Mahi and Wahoo should be super lucrative in May through July. Big Amberjacks are also in the water this time of the year, so you can try bottom fishing and trolling at its finest when it comes to Florida’s east coast.

Grouper season changes each year, but they are biting well in summer time. You can do some catch and release, but make sure to read up-to-date regulations on them before sinking your bait.

Reef trolling is super productive in spring too, as you can target Kingfish, Blackfin Tuna, and some odd Wahoo.

Colder fronts bring Sailfish, especially towards the end of the year, and there are some Marlins far out around that same time.

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Top Targeted Deep Sea Fishing Species in Fort Lauderdale

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)