Best Bottom Fishing Charters in Oregon

Top Bottom Fishing Charters in Oregon

Bottom Fishing in Oregon

It's easy to overlook the bottom fishing Oregon is known for in favor of its excellent freshwater fisheries and ever-popular Albacore runs. But if you do that, you're making a big mistake. Fishing the bottom is a year-round activity in this state, and the best time for fishing is always now. From big Lingcod to Rockfish and mouth-watering Halibut, Oregon is a fish lover’s dream.

Which Trip Should I Take?

Short trips are hard to come by in Oregon, especially if you’re into bottom fishing! The thing is, the best and biggest bottom fish live in the deepest waters, and it takes time to get there. Of course, it also depends on what you want to catch. You won’t need to go as far to find Rockfish as you would Halibut, for example.

Half Day Trips

Because of the limited time at your disposal, half day trips are usually going to be all about that Rockfish bite. You might also be able to get some Lingcod fishing in there as well, but only from places closer to deeper waters, such as Astoria.

¾ Day Trips

With 6–8 hour trips, you’ve got much more space for maneuvering. This means Rockfish, Lingcod, as well as Halibut, are all valid targets. This is the recommended trip option if you’re looking for the classic Oregon bottom fishing experience.

Full Day Trips

Trips that last 8+ hours can be the most rewarding, as you can reach the deepest waters with the biggest fish. Ten-hour-long Halibut trips are some of the most popular trips in places like Astoria and Coos Bay.

How to Prepare

The most important thing to remember is to buy a fishing license for all anglers ages 12 and older. You can do that either online or through any local license vendor. Layered clothing is another must, especially if you’re doing one of the longer trips. Oregon is known for being rainy, so prepare accordingly.

With that solved, you can go on ahead and start hooking up some delicious fish. The harder the fight, the tastier it will be afterward.


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