Argentina Fly Fishing Charters

Argentina Fly Fishing Charters

Best Fly Fishing Charters in Argentina

Fly Fishing in Argentina

It’s no wonder so many anglers go fly fishing in Argentina. The size of the catch here is the biggest lure for many who want to test their skills with species reaching huge sizes. You’ll need to have previous experience fly fishing to make the most out of your day and reel in a good number of fish.

What to Catch

There are two main species that anglers focus on when fly fishing in Argentina – Golden Dorado and Brown Trout.

Golden Dorado

The Golden Dorado fishing in Argentina is a lot of fun for anglers. Golden Dorado (not related to the offshore fish Dorado, also called a Mahi Mahi) offers an unforgettable fight. Anglers will need skills to not break the line, as the Dorado can make huge acrobatic jumps out of the water when hooked – this is one of the main reasons they are likened to Tarpon. They are also called the “Tiger of the River” due to their aggressive and predatory nature, and beautiful coloring.

Golden Dorado can weigh up to 27 kilograms. Their size, along with their jumps and boisterous nature, will make your line scream. If you can keep it on the line, expect the fight with a Dorado to last a while.

Fly fishing gear is usually included on fishing charters. If you’re bringing your own gear, you’ll need to have up to a 9 wt rod on you for the larger Dorado. You can win a fight with a smaller Dorado on a 6 wt rod. If you’re not sure what kind of size the Dorado reach in the body of water you're in, bring an 8 wt rod along. Reeling in this game fish gives any angler bragging rights.

Where you find Golden Dorado, you can normally find a range of other species, too, such as Catfish. The Bagre Blanco (White Catfish) can reach up to 20 kilos, and the Bagre Amarillo (Yellow Catfish) has also been known to get very big. Although the majority of species will need to be released once caught, anglers can keep Pejerrey (Silverside) – this is a very tasty fish. You can also target Tararira (this is also known as the Wolf Fish, but is not related to the Atlantic Wolf Fish). Anglers can also attempt to reel in Pacu, a type of Piranha (just be careful not to let it break your line).

Brown Trout

The other big superstar for fly fishing is Brown Trout. The reason it’s so popular here? Brown Trout run into the Atlantic in Argentina – this means that anglers can target a common freshwater species which has grown far bigger than any of its brethren. Due to its size, the Trout are harder to reel in, especially on the fly. It's pretty rare for Brown Trout to have a sea-run, so targeting them is a must for fly fishermen who want to reel in something much bigger than they are used to.

Where you find Brown Trout, you can usually target Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout, too. This is closer to the traditional fly fishing that many anglers are used to, and a better choice for beginner to medium-level anglers.  

Where to Go

There are plenty of top fishing spots to head to. Patagonia has a lot of rivers that make for excellent fishing. For large sea-run Trout, head to Tierra Del Fuego. You can also go fly fishing in Buenos Aires, and go Dorado fishing on the rivers in the Amazon.

When to Go

For Trout, head to Argentina between fall and spring. The most productive time for Trout fishing is during the spawning season in November. Dorado can be found year round but is easier to find at the same time as the Trout. Check the local regulations for the area you’re fishing in before heading out – some areas have closed seasons.

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