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Best Fly Fishing Charters in Cabo San Lucas

Top Fly Fishing Charters in Cabo San Lucas

Fly Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

There are two things you can say about fly fishing in Cabo San Lucas – always challenging and always fun! You’ll hardly find a better way to level-up your game. Even if you’re staying inshore and targeting a species that you’ve caught many times, landing it on a fly will make it refreshing...and harder. There’s a variety of fishing spots to visit, depending on the fish you’re after. To save more time and get right to the action, find an experienced local guide who knows just the spot.

Where to Go

We’ll leave the specific fishing spots for your guide to find. What we suggest choosing ahead of time is whether you want to book an inshore or offshore trip, depending on your experience. Inshore trips are perfect if you’re fly fishing for the first time – the bite is more frequent and the fish aren’t as heavy. Big game fish can be overwhelming if you’re just learning to cast.
If you can’t find a guide in Cabo San Lucas specifically, check San Jose Del Cabo and East Cape! Just 30 minutes away, you’ll find yourself in a less touristy place, with pristine surroundings. Thanks to the secluded Sea of Cortez, these spots have much calmer water.

What to Catch

Inshore trips are usually reserved for Roosterfish, which are not easily fooled. You can also go after Jack Crevalle. They may not be that big, but they sure know how to give a good fight.
Head out offshore and you’ll probably land a Mahi Mahi (Dorado) or two. Unlike Billfish, they can be kept and you can enjoy delicious sashimi after the trip. Skipjack Tuna is another treat that comes in a different way – in schools! Find one and you’ve struck gold! For those of you who’re after the most aggressive and heaviest fish, the main prizes are Marlin and Sailfish. 

Need to Know

  • Ask your guide if he provides fly fishing equipment and if it’s included in the price. Guides usually expect you to bring your own equipment.

  • Bring a quality pair of sunglasses. As fly fishing requires perfect casting, precise fish spotting is essential. 

Fly fishing in Cabo San Lucas has no boundaries – there’s no slow season here. The fish are fast, tough, and huge, and they can make any angler’s heart beat faster. It’s a challenge worth fighting for. Make a memory of a lifetime and get your prize on a fly!

Cabo San Lucas

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Top Targeted Fly Fishing Species in Cabo San Lucas


Marlin (Blue)

Tuna (Yellowfin)

Marlin (Striped)