Best Flounder Gigging Fishing Charters in North Carolina

Top Flounder Gigging Fishing Charters in North Carolina

Flounder Gigging Fishing in North Carolina

Flounder gigging in North Carolina is a year-round adventure that spans the entire coast of Old North State. The best action usually starts mid to late August and goes all the way to mid-November. As specialized NC Flounder gigging trips usually start in the evening, this is a great way to go out fishing without getting sunburnt. Beat the heat and fill your freezers!

Where to Go Gigging

Shortly after dark, Flounder come closer to the shoreline in search of food. You’ll move onto the shallow flats to hunt them, but the water doesn’t have to be too shallow – as long as the seafloor is flat with no slopes, you’ll have a chance at gigging. Spotting Flounder takes a bit of patience. Your guide will show you the difference between Stargazers and electric rays. If you feel a small shock when you gig – it’s one of these two, not Flounder.

How to Gig

Many Flounder gigging guides have boats equipped with LED lights and shallow drafts which are specially designed for this technique. But you can go gigging aboard a skiff, bay boat, kayak, or paddleboard, as well. You can even do it while wading. This will give you lots of choices when you’re choosing a guide. The important thing is to position the boat right on top of the Flounder, since they almost don’t move at all when you approach them. Position your gig above the head and behind the gill plates. Do a quick thrust through the fish into the seafloor and hold it.

Who can go Flounder gigging?

Flounder gigging trips don’t require previous experience, so pretty much everyone is welcome aboard. Even beginners will be able to fill out their cooler with catch if you find a good spot.
This is also a great way to get kids excited about the outdoors, especially because they get to experience fishing at night. 

Need to Know

  • You do not need to buy your own NC fishing license when you book a trip with a licensed charter captain.
  • Flounder need to be at least 15 inches long in order to be kept.
  • If you’re not booking a specialized gigging trip but would still like to try it out, ask your captain in advance if he can prepare the right equipment.
  • Some guides accommodate fewer guests on gigging trips than usual. Make sure to confirm the capacity in advance.
From Albemarle Sound to Bird Island, NC Flounder gigging is a lot of fun. You can observe the local sea life from a different perspective and see things that you normally wouldn’t. From Mullet and Needlefish to tons of shrimp scooting, a gigging trip is one of the most amusing ways to see something new.

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