Best Flounder Gigging Fishing Charters in Galveston

Top Flounder Gigging Fishing Charters in Galveston

Flounder Gigging Fishing in Galveston

When it’s lit up at night, Galveston’s famous fairground skyline is truly a sight to behold, especially when you’re viewing it from the shoreline. Are you visiting this island city and looking for an excuse to be cruising its waters under the cover of darkness? Here’s one you probably haven’t heard before: Flounder gigging! A Galveston Flounder gigging charter experience is something that simply should not be missed. Year after year, hardened anglers and tourists alike flock here to target this tasty Flatfish, which can be found in abundance. Why not join them?

What can I expect?

Galveston is the perfect place for a tourist-friendly day trip, so it’s no surprise that this family-friendly vibe carries over to the charters on offer. Although Flounder gigging might, at first glance, look like something that only hardcore anglers can partake in, it’s actually a pretty simple technique. This makes it perfect for newbies, too! 
In Galveston, you’ll find a wealth of charters offering gigging trips that are suitable for guests of all ages and skill levels. Generally, there are two types of gigging charters available: regular fishing charters that offer specialized gigging trips, and charters that are geared purely toward gigging. As long as you make sure you’re opting for a specific Flounder-gigging trip, you’ll be in safe hands with either of these choices!
As Flounder gigging takes place purely on the shallow inshore waters located just minutes from Galveston’s shoreline, the majority of gigging charters offer half day trips that run for around five hours. If you’re a brand-new angler, this allows you plenty of time to hook your own Flounder, without having to travel far or risk seasickness! More experienced? You’ll be able to explore a variety of inshore fishing grounds for humongous Flatfish, so get ready to fill your freezer with tasty table fare!
For new anglers, something to be aware of is that Flounder gigging usually takes place in the late evening. This is because the night bite is seriously productive, and also offers up plenty of excitement. You’ll travel to the hotspots on a specially-adapted “gigging” vessel, which includes underwater lights that’ll illuminate where your target is hiding. 
Your captain will make sure you’re equipped with a special gigging spear, which you’ll then use to pierce your Flounder. Newer anglers can gather round and cheer each other on, whereas those with more experience can really test their precision skills. Water refracts light, which means you have to be super focused when you drive your spear into the ocean floor!

What should I bring?

As is common throughout Texas, most charters do not provide a fishing license, so you should make sure you purchase one before your trip. This can be done online, or at a local bait and tackle shop – there are plenty of these in Galveston!
Generally, all fishing equipment will be provided for you. Your captain will make sure you’re decked out with a spear and everything else you need to gig for Flounder like a true Texan, so that all you need to worry about is how many Flatfish you can fit in your freezer!


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"Full day trip"

Larry Bartz fished with Grace Fishing Charter on April 11, 2019

Aaron did everything he could to make sure we had a great time, and we did. We limited out on Sheephead and caught 4 Jack's. We could have kept going on the Jack's if we had wanted. We then had time to try for some other types and caught some Flounder and Black Drum. He knows the water well and can read the "signs" . Great job!

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