Maine Ice Fishing Charters

Maine Ice Fishing Charters

Best Ice Fishing Charters in Maine

Ice Fishing in Maine

Winter fishing can pose a problem for some anglers. But not in the Pine Tree State – the ice fishing Maine has to offer will keep you busy all winter! You can stay warm and toasty in ice shacks while you wait for a fish to bite.

What to Catch

Winter fishing offers up a treat to anglers of all skill levels. If you want to hit big numbers,  spend your trip targeting Cusk – they receive hardly any fishing pressure during the rest of the year. This makes them bountiful and big, reaching up to 10 pounds. You can also target Landlocked Salmon, Brown Trout, Togue, Pike, and Perch.

Where to Go

When the ice is over 4 inches thick, it becomes safe to ice fish. There are hundreds of lakes to choose from and 37,000 miles of rivers. They each have their own regulations, so have a look at what you can fish for before you go.

Moosehead Lake

One of the most prolific spots, this lake is over 40 miles long and 12 miles wide in some places. You’ll be ice fishing for Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Salmon, Togue, and Smallmouth Bass in the shadow of Mount Kineo. The flags on your traps will be waving non-stop here!

Sebago Lake

For big Trout, try ice fishing in Sebago Lake. You can regularly catch Trout in the 10 lb range. Due to the sheer size of the lake, you’re better off waiting until February, once it has had time to properly freeze over. Also biting well here are Cusk and Togue.

East Grand Lake

East Grand Lake is over 20 miles long and is a top spot for Brook Trout and Bass, which can be caught year-round via different techniques. When ice fishing in the winter, a top species to target is the naturally nocturnal Cusk. However, a good time to catch them during the day is in March when they spawn. Head to the sandy coves of East Grand Lake for great results.

Norcross Pond

Norcross Pond in Franklin County has a maximum depth of 24 feet. It’s a good spot for catching White Perch, Pickerel, Trout, and Largemouth Bass. The stocked Trout regularly reach lengths of 13 inches.

Allagash Lake

If escaping the daily hubbub of life is a top priority for you, try ice fishing from Allagash Lake in northern Maine. You’ll be able to target Trout, Salmon, and even a Pike or two. Dress warm, temperatures can get as low as -4°F in the heart of winter.

How to Fish

  • Layers, layers, layers! Dress for the conditions, with wool socks that are a little bit loose, insulated boots, water resistant outerwear, and fleece sweaters.

  • You can legally ice fish with up to 5 lines maximum. Check on your traps at least once an hour. If your bait is missing but you’re not catching anything, loosen the tension bolt.

  • By the end of the winter in March, target the mouth of the spawning streams – follow the smelt and the Salmon will come! Salmon can't resist smelt!

  • For Brown Trout, fish in shallow waters using minnows, crayfish, and worms.

When to Go

A lot of the fisheries in Maine open up to ice fishing in January, and stay open until March. There are some that can be fished before that, if the ice is thick enough! Check out the regulations for each lake online before you fish.

There are ice fishing derbies throughout January and March, so grab your fishing buddy and have fun ice fishing in Maine this winter!

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Reviews of Fishing in Ice Fishing in Maine

Half day inshore
Erik R. fished with Maine Tuna Fishing on July 17, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Book a morning trip to increase your odds and stay away from the heat. The ocean is rougher than you would think, keep that in mind if you have a weak stomach and if you have balance issues.
Awesome experience
Christoph E. fished with Mainely Blue Charters on July 17, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Be prepared for a great experience - enjoy the nature and if you are lucky you will catch some striped bass and other incredible fish.
Best day of our vacation!
Marc B. fished with Maine Tuna Fishing on July 9, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Book for a full day if you want to bring back your quota. It takes two hours to get to Jeffrey Ledge which is where you want to be.
6 AM - 4 hour trip
Tony J. fished with Seawalker Excursions on June 15, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Make sure that you talk to local fishermen to know what fish are biting and where they can be found.
Fun time with captain Matt Roy
Sal B. fished with Stickin' It Out Charters on July 14, 2018
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
This was my first time fishing in Scarborough It’s hard to say but it seemed Good. Our captain was very knowledgeable so I’m not sure if you would do as well on your own or with a less experienced captain
Great day with Capt Matt
Curt L. fished with Stickin' It Out Charters on August 4, 2017
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Bring some food and drink with you, no one got sick but everyone was hungry
Special J Fishing Charter Will land you fish
Christian T. fished with Special J Charters on July 12, 2017
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Take a camera with you. You will have the opportunity to take a lot of pictures heading out of the shoreline. Have a clear mind and listen the Captain John as he will instruct you on the proper techniques for catching the blue fin tuna. This is important as a lot happens when you hook up on a tuna.

Top Targeted Ice Fishing Species in Maine