Slob Snook fishing: A Florida angler holding a slob Snook he caught on his fishing trip.

How to Catch Slob Snook in Florida

Snook are among the most popular fish species in Florida. From Jupiter down to the Florida Keys, then northwards to Naples, and further up towards Destin, these fish capture the attention of both novice anglers and experienced fishermen. While Snook … read more

daytime swordifsh tactics: two anglers holding a big swordfish they caught on their fishing trip.

Daytime Swordfish Tactics That Work Like a Charm

Swordfish are among the fiercest predators in the ocean, praised by anglers for their brutish demeanor and meaty taste. These fish are on most anglers’ bucket list, and for a good reason. Catching a Swordfish is a feat of a … read more

abrolhos islands fishing: lady angler with a spangled emperor she caught near the abrolhos islands.

Abrolhos Islands Fishing: Top Fish Species

Australian waters have long been known as some of the best fishing spots in the world. From catching Black Marlin near the Great Barrier Reef to fishing for Barramundi in creeks and rivers near Darwin, these fisheries will leave you … read more

A young boy and a charter captain holding a big Gag Grouper they caught fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

11 Best Gulf Coast Fishing Spots for the Summer

Each year about 3 million people come fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. From western Florida to the flats of southern Texas, families board charter boats to land a wide variety of fish, from iconic Tarpon and tasty Snapper to … read more