Fishing in Madeira Beach: The Complete Guide for 2024

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Is the land of pirates the right choice for angling adventure? You bet! So, go ahead and jot down fishing in Madeira Beach on your bucket list. Fittingly situated next to Treasure Island, this Florida gem was once the sea rovers’ abode. Today, Madeira Beach is a popular vacation destination for all fishing enthusiasts and devotees of the open blue.

Any place that faces the Gulf of Mexico is bound to offer superb fishing opportunities. Madeira Beach is no exception. This welcoming island has something for everyone. Be it an inshore quest or offshore pursuit, Madeira Beach won’t disappoint you. But enough of the hyperbole. Let’s dive into the details.

This article will cover the most prominent fish species, their whereabouts, and different ways of catching them. Near the end of the blog, we’ll discuss some regulations and frequently asked questions about fishing in Madeira Beach. So let’s get started.

Best Fish to Catch in Madeira Beach 

From Panfish to trophy giants – just name your dream catch and the chances are Madeira Beach will have it! We can’t mention all the town’s residents. We can, however, shortlist the local favorites. Take a look at the top Madeira Beach fish species below.

Red Snapper

Red Snappers are the catch of Madeira Beach. No fish in the Gulf of Mexico is as sought-after as Red Snapper. The reasons for this are endless. Delicious table fare, enviable game fish qualities, picture-perfect looks – Red Snappers have it all! It’s no surprise then that anglers from all over the world flock to Florida to try their luck at landing these gorgeous beasts. But what about you?

A group photo of anglers standing on a charter fishing boat and holding Red Snappers caught while fishing in Madeira Beach

If they aren’t on your radar, it’s high time you added them. You can find them pretty much anywhere from the shallow sandy bottoms to the deep rocky seafloor. Naturally, bottom fishing will be the name of the game when going after Red Snappers. They’ll meander the area around wrecks and reefs in search of food. Drop shrimp or crab at them and get ready for intense reeling in action.

Due to their insane popularity, the authorities closely monitor the Red Snappers population to prevent overfishing. This means that you have to respect their size and bag limits, as well as the strict season. You can learn more about the latest rules and regulations on the website of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (MyFWC).


Where there are Snappers, there are Groupers, too. Believe it or not, Madeira Beach Groupers are as in demand as Red Snappers, maybe even more. They’re bulky and tough opponents. You’ll need some serious muscle power to bring these hefty fellas to the surface. But once you pull them out from their hideouts, you’ll know they were worth the struggle.

A happy angler holding two Groupers, one in each hand, while standing on a Madeira Beach fishing charter

Groupers frequent nearshore and offshore reefs and wrecks. You can either use live or dead bait as they aren’t picky eaters. However, heavy tackle is a prerequisite for a successful hunt. They’re strong and sturdy bottom dwellers, after all. So, you’ll need suitable equipment.

Similar to their neighbors, Snappers, Groupers have possession restrictions. Depending on whether you want to go after Red, Scamp, Gag, or Black Grouper, the daily quota will vary. Again, for more information on this, visit the MYFWC site.


Our next contender in popularity is a fish with an unsophisticated name but remarkable game fish qualities. Any blog about fishing in Madeira Beach wouldn’t be complete without Hogfish. Not only are they curious-looking creatures, but they’re also desirable rivals and provide tasty dinners. Fancy a bragging story and treat for the entire family? This is the fish for you.

A photo of a satisfied angler holding a Hogfish with both his hands while standing on a charter fishing boat

Hogfish fishing used to be reserved only for spearos and divers. With their pig-like snout deep in the sand, grabbing their attention wasn’t easy. Luckily, over time, anglers became more proficient in locating and hooking them. Sand patches at depths of up to 30 feet and live shrimp are a winning combo for outsmarting Hogfish. And chumming proves effective, too.


If you want to see what Madeira Beach bluewater fishing is all about, then consider Amberjack as your choice combatant. They’re stubborn and fierce adversaries. If you were wondering whether Madeira Beach had heavyweight, Amberjack are that. So, if you want some back-breaking action, test your skills against these fighters. Here’s how.

An angler holding a big Amberjack caught while fishing in Madeira Beach

Juvenile Amberjack visit the nearshore areas, but the breathtaking specimens prefer underwater depths up to 230 feet. These behemoths patrol offshore structures such as wrecks and debris, so you’ll need a local helping hand with locating them. 

Once you find them, luring them will be easy. They’ll mouth just about anything you throw at them from blue runners and grunts to perch and minnows. Overpowering them when they bite, however, will be a challenging task. So, make sure you use 50–100 pound tackle and balance the drag setting to prevent the line from breaking.

… And More!

We warned you at the beginning that it’s virtually impossible to go over all the Madeira Beach fish species. But this is a good thing. You can give it a try with the above-mentioned celebrities, and then go on to explore Madeira Beach’s fisheries with your own agenda in mind. And believe us, there’s so much more to discover. 

A group of anglers gathered around their captain who is holding Barracuda

The inshore waters are home to globally famous fish like Tarpon. Meanwhile, the offshore waters are equally populated with world-renowned species such as Mahi Mahi, Barracuda, King Mackerel, Tuna, and Sailfish. At the risk of repeating ourselves, we have to say that fishing in Madeira Beach is nothing short of majestic.

How to Go Fishing in Madeira Beach

Charter Fishing

The best and easiest way to explore the fisheries around Madeira Beach is with a local guide. These captains have spent their entire lives mastering fishing techniques, excelling in trophy pursuits, and discovering prolific spots in Madeira Beach waters. And this sort of insight is exactly what you need if you’re fishing in Madeira Beach for the first time.

Three anglers with their catches while standing on a Madeira Beach fishing charter

Apart from the assistance and expertise, you get the vessel, equipment, and licenses when you book a Madeira Beach fishing charter. This means you only have to bring personal items, drinks, and snacks. Everything else will wait for you on your boat. Yes, it’s as simple as that – find a charter, book it, and have a memorable fishing experience!

Surf Casting

You’ve probably guessed that Madeira Beach boasts some top shore fishing corners. Blessed with marvelous beaches and prolific inshore waters, Madeira Beach offers excellent surf casting opportunities. This is great news for everyone who wants to spend the entire day with the family at the beach and catch a delicious dinner at the same time.

An angler standing in the shallows with q Tarpon in his hands caught while surf casting from the shore

John’s Pass Park is one of the locations where you can cast your line from the beach and end up with an impressive catch. It’s close to John’s Pass Bridge, a popular fishing spot, but is less crowded. Plus, the park is known for its clean shoreline and stunning sunsets. Fishing, sunbathing, and enjoying some quality time with your loved ones – it can’t get much better than that.

Pier Fishing

John’s Pass Park is also equipped with fishing piers. In case you’d like to wet your line but not necessarily stay at the beach, you can always give it a try on the docks and piers. Apart from John’s Pass Park, you can check out the dock in Madeira Beach Patriot Park or the well-maintained fishing pier in R.O.C. Park.

Three rods left on a fishing pier on a cloudless day

The fishing pier in R.O.C. Park is located in close vicinity to the Recreation Building Patio and it might be the best place to target inshore species. The park has hosted fishing tournaments in the past, so it only makes sense that these waters are brimming with life. But the only way to prove this is by testing the fishery yourself, right?

Kayak Fishing

Saltwater fishing from a kayak is quite an adventure, and you can practice it when fishing in Madeira Beach. So, if you’re an experienced kayaker but also a fishing enthusiast, Madeira Beach has something in store for you. Thanks to its favorable location, you don’t have to go far to battle prominent Gulf species.

A photo of a kayaker paddling offshore with his fishing rods and gear from behind

There are several access points along the coast but the area around John’s Pass Village is the ideal place to rent a kayak and embark on your offshore journey. Plus, if you aren’t entirely confident in your kayaking and fishing combo skills, you can always team up with a local guide. This is also a good idea if you’re a beginner and you want to try kayak fishing for the first time.

Madeira Beach Fishing Spots

Needless to say, you can cast your line almost anywhere from the island and everywhere around it. But let’s narrow it down for you, so you could know where to start. We already mentioned a couple of productive Madeira Beach fishing spots, but here’s a breakdown of the best locales. 

An aerial view of John’s Pass in Madeira Beach just after sunset
  • John’s Pass Village. If you feel lost and you aren’t certain how to go about fishing in Madeira Beach, John’s Pass Village might be the first step in the right direction. It’s studded with restaurants and shops, along with charter operators and kayak rental places, too.
  • John’s Pass Park. Beach lovers and surf-casting fans should check out the beach in John’s Pass Park. The area is clean and equipped with restrooms, picnic tables, and parking – everything you need for a day out at the beach.
  • R.O.C. Park. The other side of the island features R.O.C. Park. This serene place is great for meditation, and recreation as well. Fishing from a pier is particularly good here. So, if you’d like to wet your line from the pier, go to R.O.C. Park.
  • The Gulf of Mexico. If you want to go against Sailfish and Tuna, the inshore and nearshore fisheries around Madeira Beach aren’t enough. You have to hop on a charter boat and go further out to where these Gulf beasts abide.

Madeira Beach Fishing Regulations

An infographic featuring the Florida state flag and text that says "Madeira Beach Fishing Regulations" and "What you need to know" against a blue background with a charter boat and the FishingBooker logo

Fishing with a licensed charter operator means you don’t have to worry about fishing permits. They’ll be included in the service, and your captain will also take care of daily quotas. However, if you plan to fish independently, then you must buy a valid fishing license ahead of time. This goes for both shore and bluewater fishing. For more information on how to purchase your license visit the MyFWC website.

Also, regardless of whether you’re casting from a pier or chasing pelagic fish offshore, you must respect bag and size limits. Some species such as Red Snapper follow a strict season, too. So, before you wet your line in Madeira Beach waters and head home with your catch, double-check the latest rules and regulations.

Madeira Beach Fishing FAQs

A group photo of anglers holding their catches while standing on a dock in the John’s Pass area in Madeira Beach

Madeira Beach Fishing: A Pirate-like Adventure Guaranteed

Happy anglers standing on their Madeira Beach fishing charter and holding both hands up in the air to celebrate their successful trip

From wandering around the historic John’s Pass region to conquering sea monsters offshore, Madeira Beach offers a pirate-inspired experience. You can fish, swim, sunbathe, enjoy fresh seafood, and walk down the wooden boardwalk. But out of all activities you can do in Madeira Beach, fishing is probably the most authentic one.

If you haven’t experienced first-hand what fishing in Madeira Beach is all about, it’s high time you did. Sure, you can take our word for it, but wouldn’t it be best to test it yourself? Team up with a local guide and go on a bluewater quest of a lifetime. 

Have you ever fished in Madeira Beach? What did you catch? If you haven’t visited Madeira Beach before, do you have any additional questions? Hit the comment button below and drop us a line or two. 

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My son and husband are interested in shore fishing. Last year we watched a hired guide to put up poles, bait hooks and even a drone to bring the line out further. Can you provide information for this type of guide on or around Madiera Beach.
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