Fishing: The Ideal Team Building Activity

Mar 15, 2021 | 4 minute read
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As any employer will tell you, a strong, tight-knit team is vital for a successful business. The thing is, people can only bond so much within the office. The burden of daily tasks and even the office setting can block people from connecting or showing their true selves. So how do you make a strong, cohesive unit?

a group of young anglers on a fishing boat, each holding a redfish
This is how!

That’s where team building activities come in. Fun, dynamic, goal-oriented activities with a dash of competitiveness are something every dream team needs. Sound familiar? That’s because it is. Fishing is the perfect choice for team building, and today, we’re going to show you exactly why that is.

anglers holding fish on a boat

Bonding and Building Trust

One of the greatest benefits of fishing is that it brings people together. Whether you’re working towards a common goal, or just talking about life, spending quality time on the water works like glue. If you’re part of a bigger team, going out on multiple boats will add an opportunity for some friendly competition, too.

Anglers holding fish on a boat

Once you’ve got that “us-versus-them” mentality going, it won’t take long before the high-fiving, hooting, and chest-bumping start.  As you might’ve guessed, it’s usually the first fish onboard that gets the ball rolling. Oh, and you’ll want to save the chest bumps for when you’re back on solid ground (talking from experience here).

More importantly, the laughs you’ll share on the boat are likely to stay with you for years to come. Conversations that never would have happened will create partnerships and friendships, both inside and outside the office.

smiling anglers holding a Swordfish on a fishing boat

Building Skills

Fishing is all about problem-solving. From adjusting the baits to improving your cast, or just rearranging stuff on the boat, you’ll constantly be reacting to the circumstances around you. Doing all of this in real-time can be tricky, especially with other people around. Nail it, however, and you’ll find yourself a better angler and a better problem solver, too.

Improving Communication

A company fishing trip will allow each teammate to showcase their unique skillset. That means that there will be plenty of teaching and learning going on. Helping each other out in this fun, non-stressful environment will do wonders for team communication and chemistry.

anglers holding large fish on a fishing boat

Defeating Preconceptions

The office can unearth a lot of bias, no matter where you are. Luckily for you and everybody else, the fish don’t discriminate. Whether it’s a female colleague landing the biggest fish of the day, or that quiet guy nailing every cast he tries, fishing puts everybody on a level playing field. A chance to show your boss who’s the better angler is just an added bonus.

fishing for team building: smiling anglers holding fish on a boat

Setting Expectations

As every fishing guide will tell you, “The sport is called fishing, not catching.” Despite your best efforts, an empty cooler is a real possibility every time you go out. In that way, fishing is great for setting realistic expectations, as well as dealing with failure. What you can always count on, however, is the learning experience and good times on the water.

Building a Culture

Fishing is, no doubt, great fun. It allows colleagues to bond, fosters trust, and improves communication across the board. Through success or failure, it teaches teammates how to work together, no matter how different they are. 

But most importantly, fishing boosts morale. The positive experience has a long-lasting impact on teammates’ loyalty, and overall job satisfaction. Over time, all these positives trickle down to help form what’s called culture

And that’s why fishing is the perfect team building activity. We’ve summed this up for you in a little infographic so that next time any team building plans come up, you’ll have something to show. Tight lines!

a infographic displaying the benefits of fishing as a team building activity

How do you like the idea of fishing as a team building activity? Have you ever gone fishing with your colleagues? What was your most memorable moment? Let us know in the comments below. 

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