Tarpon Fishing in Boca Grande: The Complete Guide for 2024

Jan 11, 2024 | 6 minute read
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It’s hardly possible to name a better place for Silver King fishing than Boca Grande, the “Tarpon Capital of the World.” The best part is, this place has been a fishing town forever. In fact, Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande dates back to the 18th century. 

It’s no wonder that this southwest Floridian community is so attractive to Silver King lovers. Located on Gasparilla Island, Boca Grande is home to the deepest natural pass in Florida, with strong currents that hold a lot of migratory fish species. And, of course, a lot of Tarpon. 

In this guide, we’ll explain why Tarpon have become synonymous with Boca Grande. You’ll learn about techniques to land your very own silver monster, as well as seasonality, regulations, and the best spots in Boca Grande. Let’s dive in…

How do I catch Tarpon in Boca Grande?

A fisherman hanging off a boat holding a big Tarpon in the water

Catching Tarpon is every sport fisher’s dream. Why? Well, Tarpon always put up a ferocious fight and test your angling skills like nothing else. Everyone aspires to break the world record, hoping to land a 150 lb Silver King. So what are the most common ways to do that? Read on to find out…

Sight Casting

Aerial view of Boca Grande, Florida

It’s a challenge to spot Tarpon in deeper waters, so a lot of anglers stick to the flats. Sight casting for Tarpon works well close to shore, especially using natural bait. This includes pinfish, mullet, and pilchards. 

One of the most challenging aspects of sight casting is the fact that Tarpon are easy to spook. Anglers try to make as little noise as possible, casting the bait closer to the spotted target. The best idea is to head out with a local guide who knows how to spot, hook, and land Tarpon. 

Fly Fishing

True Florida Expeditions
fly fishing guide casting in Boca Grande, Florida

While fishing for Tarpon is a big challenge, some anglers prefer to make it even more interesting by targeting them with a fly rod. Fly fishing for Tarpon is another popular method and an ultimate challenge in Boca Grande, which a lot of anglers practice for decades, season after season. 

A typical fly outfit for Tarpon fishing includes flies with high contrast with grass and sandy bottoms, as well as 11 and 12 wt fly rods and floating fly lines. Just like with sight casting, fishing with a charter helps you out a lot – your guide will most likely take care of all the necessary equipment. 


a bird's eye view of a moving trolling boat with lines in the water

Trolling for Tarpon in Boca Grande can be a lot of fun! This isn’t the most popular technique, although a lot of anglers do go for slow trolling to catch their Silver King. They’ll finely tune the trolling speed to about 1.52.25 miles per hour, spread the lines, and deploy two or more live baits behind the boat at different distances. 

Artificial bait works fine, too. If you’re not planning on fishing with crab, shrimp, or maybe pinfish, you can go for spoons and topwater plugs. 

Where can I go Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande?

Aerial view on Boca Grande Island, Florida

One thing’s for sure – you can’t go wrong with whatever spot you choose in the “Tarpon Capital of the World.” Boca Grande is full of productive spots, so you only need to choose where to go first. Here’s a handy list of our top places for Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande:

  • Boca Grande Pass. Everyone knows that when the season comes, the first thing you should do is hit the waters of the Boca Grande Pass. This place is an absolute must for anyone who’s looking to catch Tarpon. The Pass separates Boca Grande from the barrier island of Cayo Costa and is home to thousands of Silver Kings that pass here year after year. 
  • Gasparilla Island. This place is a dream come true for anyone who dreams about seeing Tarpon’s famous acrobatic jumps in real life. The kings love it here, with all their favorite food – shrimps, blue crab, sand bream, and perch – available in the deep waters. 
  • The Lighthouse Hole. Although Tarpon pile around the Lighthouse Hole, this spot isn’t as “mainstream” as the previous two. “The Hole” is blessed with deep waters pretty close to shore, and it allows anglers to enjoy fishing for Tarpon without too much traffic. 
  • Charlotte Harbor. It’s common knowledge that come spring, the second largest estuary in Florida is practically flooded with Tarpon. They actively feed here before spawning in July. The Harbor sits between Punta Gorda’s shorelines and the Boca Grande Pass. 

Boca Grande Fishing Tournaments

Florida Inshore fishing team holding Tarpon behind a boat in Boca Grande, Florida

Boca Grande’s Tarpon fishing tournaments happen every year, usually kicking off on the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend with the Ladies Day Tarpon Tournament. Next on the schedule is the Boca Grande Fishing Classic in the Boca Grande Pass and nearby backwaters around the Gasparilla Inn & Club. This competition isn’t for Tarpon anglers exclusively, since you can also fish for Redfish and Snook. 

Finally, you can take part in the World’s Richest Tarpon Tournament. Both locals and visitors come to fish for this tournament, which is known as the biggest Tarpon fishing competition. 

Tarpon Fishing Season in Boca Grande

Old abandoned L-shaped stone fishing pier Bocahenge in Boca Grande on Gasparilla Island, Florida

Tarpon fishing season in Boca Grande is fast and furious. As you might’ve already guessed, the rewards are pretty incredible – you’ll get the chance to test your angling skills against a truly worthy opponent. The only question is, when is the best time to do it?

The Tarpon migration usually begins in March or April, when they invade Charlotte Harbor’s flats and deep holes and make their way through Pine Island Sound towards Boca Grande Pass. Thousands of fish stay and feed here until late October or November, while the migration lasts through July.

The period from May until July is said to offer up the most consistent Tarpon fishing of the year. However, as summer comes to an end, fishing is far from over. The thing is, Tarpon stay and “socialize” in large breed schools, giving you the opportunity to catch them until the cold front arrives. Although Tarpon are far from active during the winter months, you can try your luck and look for your Silver King even then. 

Anything else I need to know?

Infographics "Tarpon Fishing in Boca Grande: Rules and Regulations"

It’s always a good idea to check the current Tarpon regulations on the FWC website before you head out. For instance, you can only keep one Tarpon with a $51.50 tag per person if you’re pursuing the IGFA record. Plus, there might be special regulations for peak season, which can change every year. 

Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande (and in Florida in general) is catch-and-release only, and you’re also limited to hook and line only. 

All anglers looking to catch Tarpon (or any other fish) in the Sunshine State need to get a valid Florida fishing license. Feel free to read more about it here.

Tarpon Fishing in Boca Grande – You Won’t Forget It

Two anglers with Tarpon caught with Tarpon Tamer Fishing Charters, Boca Grande, FL.

With everything that makes Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande the best in the world, it’s best if you witness it yourself. After all, it’s not only about non-stop action and incredible excitement, but the opportunity to fish like the locals and land that silvery creature everyone’s obsessed with. Tarpon fishing is an experience of a lifetime, so you should definitely cross it off your bucket list!

Have you ever been Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande? How was it? Tell us all about it in the comments below, and feel free to ask any questions you may have. We love to hear from you!

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