Your Listing Is Now at Your Fingertips
Jun 15, 2020 | 3 minute read
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The My Trips captain app is now faster and easier to use than ever. Now, you can get more out of your listing and manage your business on the go.

Read on to find out about:

  • Updating your listing without leaving the app
  • New options for managing your reviews
  • Saving time with new Instant Messaging options

Manage Your Listings and More

When you update the app, you’ll notice that there’s a new layout – and a new “Business” section. Here, you can now view and edit your listings, as well as viewing your listing’s stats, reviews, and reports.

Update Your Listing in the App 

The new “Listings” section lets you update all aspects of your listing directly within the app. This works just the same as on the website, and your changes will be applied in real time.

Simply select the listing that you would like to edit. Then, scroll to edit the section you want to change.

If you need to list a new boat or set up in a new location, you can create a new listing from scratch here, too. 

Once you click “edit listing,” you can update your:

  • Trip prices
  • Availability settings
  • Boat and fishing info, including the number of guests you can take
  • Photos and videos
  • Boat’s location and directions to the dock
  • Listing terms, including your payment methods and commission settings.

You can also publish, snooze, or unpublish your listing. 

Make the Most of Reviews

You can now do more with your reviews in the app – and the whole experience is smoother and easier to use. 

Replying to reviews is now more streamlined and it’s easier to add photos and videos. Note that you can reply to reviews for up to 30 days after they were shared with you. 

It’s now possible to request reviews without leaving the app, too. Swipe to “Requested Reviews” to check the status of your requests and invite more customers to contribute.

A New Experience for Adding Fishing Reports

We’ve updated the way you add reports. Now, it’s simpler and easier to let your customers know what the fishing is like. Check out the new layout below!

Your Dedicated “Profile” Tab

Now, everything related to your FishingBooker profile is neatly collected together in your “Profile” tab.

In this section, you can:

  • Upload and review your licensing documents in “Verification”
  • Edit how we contact you through your app in “Settings”
  • Report a bug, share a suggestion, or get in touch with our support team

Save Time with Saved Responses

When we speak to captains about FishingBooker’s features, we often hear how it can be frustrating to type similar messages to customers time and time again. 

So, we added a new feature to the My Trips inbox: Saved Responses

Once you save a response on FishingBooker, you can use it in any instant messaging conversation, with any customer. So, you only need to type your directions to the dock and instructions on what to bring once, before sharing it with all your future customers!

Make sure your charter looks just as slick online as it does on the dock. Get the latest version of the My Trips app for free and open up an easier and more enjoyable way to update your business.

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