Angler's Choice: Celebrating the Best in Charter Fishing

Our Angler's Choice Award highlights charter operators who went the extra mile over the last year. Focusing on customer service, reliability, and quality, this annual award reflects the top FishingBooker listings worldwide.

How to Win the Angler's Choice Award

If you have met the following criteria in the past year, you'll receive the Angler's Choice Award.

4.8+ star rating

FishingBooker customers rated you with an average of 4.8 or more over the last year. Anglers know that they’ll have a great fishing experience and exceptional service.

10+ verified reviews

Seven or more FishingBooker customers reviewed your listing in the last 12 months. Guests trust that their guide has an established track record on the site.

98% reliability score

At least 98% of your bookings went ahead successfully, excluding cancellations caused by bad weather, customer cancellations, and extenuating circumstances. Anglers are confident that this guide will work hard to get them out on the water.

98% response rate

Over 98% of booking requests and inquiries received a response within 24 hours. Guests know that their guide is there to help.

Angler’s Choice Benefits

By meeting these criteria, captains show that they're committed to providing a first-rate service. In recognition of this, the award boosts winners' visibility on FishingBooker and beyond.

Stand out in your area

Listings that have won the Angler's Choice Award are highlighted in search results. They receive a badge that attracts attention from customers and increases chances of getting booked.

Recognition as an industry leader

Angler’s Choice goes beyond FishingBooker. Winners also receive an exclusive widget to add to their own website, so they can gain increased trust and recognition from customers everywhere.

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