Captain Spotlight – October
Mar 12, 2021 | 5 minute read
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It can be hard to single out the best stories from a whole month of fishing. But in September, we were blown away by the number of people who got more than they expected from their fishing trip. Captains forged genuine relationships with their guests, and were open and friendly – providing a fantastic service. Read on and find out how they secured themselves new, returning customers.

We’re also coming into the season for BIG fish. Scroll down for the catches that stood out the most last month!

A Rewarding Experience

Recently, we got a call from Cody. He was so impressed with the service he received with Captain Payton of Split Hook Guide Service that he just had to tell us about it. 

He was determined to share his experience because, at first, he and his group were unsure about fishing with Payton because of his relatively young age. But they quickly realized that honesty, knowledge, and capability don’t only come to more senior captains. Everyone’s safety and welfare was at the top of Peyton’s priority list, resulting in a trip they would never forget.

“Upon meeting Captain Payton, it became increasingly apparent that we were wrong to presume what type of experience we would have,” Cody told us. “He could articulate the lay of the bay very well. Even though he was young, he had been fishing the area a long time.” 

As the trip progressed, Captain Payton proved that he was cut out for the job. No more so than when a Coast Guard helicopter signaled for them to help rescue a sailboat in distress. In rocky conditions, Payton coordinated the rescue of the vessel’s young occupant, her shaken golden retriever, and her tabby cat. All the while, he encouraged the charter passengers to work together to get the stranded boat owner and her pets to safety. 

“The takeaway from this experience is not to make presumptions about an experience that has yet to occur,” Cody concluded. “Youth is not always synonymous with inexperience, and coming together as a team for a greater good is a rewarding experience.” 

Fish for Dinner in Queensland

Meanwhile, down under, Sarah and Simon from Brisbane were just two customers who had an unforgettable trip with Skipper Glenn “Shawry” and Hook Up Fishing Charters recently. 

On a trip that included seven different species “and almost a Barra,” they had an “absolute cracker of an afternoon.” The service, chat, and local knowledge made the trip, and the booking process was a breeze. All of this was topped off with a recipe recommendation that created a meal that was “better than restaurant quality.”

Sarah said this was “hands down the best fishing trip we’ve been on,” and is already looking forward to round two. 

Expertly-prepared fresh fish, knowledge about the area, and an action-packed day. It’s no surprise that Sarah’s planning to come back soon. We would, too!

A Great Captain Makes the Difference

“I am an experienced recreational angler so I know there is no guarantee in charter fishing,” Joe wrote in his review of Lauderdale Sport Fishing. “But a good captain can up the odds in your favor. And a great captain makes the difference. Mike is a great captain with an awesome, hardworking first mate.”

Captain Mike Semko upheld his history of delighted customers on this trip, giving Joe what he asked for – and more. 

Prior to the trip, Joe told Captain Mike he was hoping to go for some fridge fish and then to head off to deeper water for Billfish. Right on cue, a Wahoo hookup in the first hour was soon followed by a beautiful Sailfish catch and release. When Joe jokingly mentioned it’d “be nice to get some Mahi now,” Captain Mike promptly went and found a couple under a floater! 

With no guarantees in fishing, this was the type of trip most can only dream of. As Joe put it: “The odds of grabbing a Mahi, a Wahoo and a Sailfish in the same trip are astronomical. But Mike and his mate made the right calls and delivered an amazing day.” 

“So Good I Had to Do it One More Time!”

Reviews don’t get much more enthusiastic than this one from Murrells Inlet. Jay had so much fun with Captain Perrin from Southern Saltwater Charters that booked another trip for the day he was leaving!

“Perrin is one of the best captains I have fished with,” wrote Jay in his review. “I’ve fished multiple times a year for several years with different captains and it’s always just been fun. My day with Perrin was EPIC.”

Captain Perrin’s knowledge of the area and his flexibility when something wasn’t working resulted in a bucket full of fish. By the end of the trip, says Jay, “we were surrounded by other boaters watching us pull up Bull Reds – utterly baffled as to why they weren’t getting a bite!”

Already counting the days to his next trip, Jay seems to have found his perfect captain. And judging by what other customers are saying about Captain Perrin, he’s not the only one!

Top Catches

Sometimes, big fish need their own spotlight – as well as the captains who helped reel them in! Here are some of the most noteworthy keepers from our reports over the last month.

Giant Amberjack

Captain Vinnie of YB Normal reports that Fort Lauderdale wreck fishing has been phenomenal lately. Looking at the size of this Amberjack, we’ve got to agree! This 76 lb monster came aboard a deep sea charter fishing a shipwreck in 300 feet of water. “Don’t mind my face in the photo,” reports Vinne. “It was very heavy!”

Big Coho Salmon

It’s Salmon season! Captain Dean from King of the River had a great run with the “Silver” Coho Salmon recently. This specimen weighed in at 16 pounds and was caught on Alaska’s world-famous Kenai River. Now that’s a bucket list moment!

Tripletail’s Cookin’!

When you see a Tripletail that’s about as big as a fully grown woman, you know someone’s in for a good meal! This was just one of the monsters caught on a full day inshore charter with Fishhawk Charters last month. 

What was your best catch so far this month? Share your hogs, bulls, and slobs in a fishing report or a comment below. We can’t wait to see what the rest of October will bring!

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