FishingBooker News – July Edition
Aug 12, 2020 | 2 minute read
Reading Time: 2 minutes

This month’s FishingBooker News covers building your profile to improve your ranking on our website. We’ll also talk about an important product update that will simplify the decline booking process and improve communication with customers. Take a look!

Your Ranking Questions Answered

There are a number of factors that contribute to your listing’s position on our website. Some of these include realization rate, reviews, commission, and whether or not you have instant book enabled. 

We spoke with Aleks from our Captain Coordinator team about the best ways to boost your listing and ensure it ranks well. We also prepared an insider’s guide to how you can boost your listing’s ranking, and keep it there. Check it out!

A New Way to Decline Bookings

We understand that sometimes you need to decline a booking. At the same time, communication with your customers is key. We’ve reworked the system so that it provides you with more flexibility and makes it easier to contact your customers directly. 

It also makes it easier to keep customers, by offering them alternative dates through Instant Messaging. If the customer agrees with your suggestion, they can request a change to their booking for a date that you can accept. 

If they don’t respond and you really can’t make the original date, you’ll still need to decline the booking.

Be aware that you need to accept or decline your trips within 24 hours or the system will automatically decline the booking. You can find more about this in our All You Need to Know overview.

Access the Help Center from the Captain App

Our Help Center has all the information you need to manage your listing and bookings. Keep an eye out for our updated COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines. Now, you can access all this info and much more directly from your app.

Check in for next month’s edition of Fishing Report and News and get all the latest tips on how to grow your online business!

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