A Guide to Getting Your Utah Fishing License
Jun 11, 2021 | 6 minute read
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Utah is one of the most diverse states in regards to terrain. With a wide range of breathtaking scenic views, ranging from desert dunes to mountain forests, the “Beehive State” is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world looking to relax in nature. And what better way to do that, than by getting a Utah fishing license and enjoying a fishing trip!

If you’re looking for a truly memorable day, head to one of the Blue Ribbon fisheries. These waters are reviewed by biologists from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and provide excellent fishing and fish habitats for a great outdoor experience. But first, you’ll need your license.

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If it’s your first time purchasing a license, the process can be daunting. To make things as simple as possible, we’ve collected all the necessary information for you. Our guide has everything you need to know about who needs a license and where and how you can get one.

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Who needs a fishing license in Utah?

Generally speaking, anyone 12 years and older needs a license to fish in Utah. This applies to both residents and non-residents. That’s about as far as it goes with the generalizations. There are several different fishing licenses, as well as combination licenses that allow you to both hunt and fish, that are available for both residents and non-residents.

Prices can vary depending on their duration and your age. In addition to that, you may also be eligible for a free licence if you have a disability. Let’s dive right into it!

Information for Residents

States usually handle their pricing differently when it comes to residents vs. non-residents, and Utah is no different. To classify as a resident, you need to have a permanent home in the state of Utah for six consecutive months immediately before purchasing a fishing license.

Members of the armed forces (and their close family), however, are counted as residents from the date they report for duty unless it’s a short-term assignment, and they have proof of their assignment orders.

A non-resident full-time student, who is in Utah to pursue higher education, can qualify as a resident if they have been in the state for 60 consecutive days immediately before purchasing a license. Be aware that any Utah resident license or permit becomes invalid if another resident license or permit is purchased in any other state or country.

Costs for Residents

As we mentioned before, the costs for buying a license vary. You have the option to choose 3 or 7-day short-term licenses, as well as 365-day and multi-year licenses. Three and 7-day licenses are valid for 3 and 7 consecutive days, respectively, beginning on the date specified at purchase. A 365-day license is valid for 365 consecutive days, starting on the day of purchase.

If you are a veteran with a service-connected disability of 20 percent or more, you may be eligible for a discount on your license fees, which you can apply for here.

Also, residents who have certain physical or mental disabilities or a terminal illness can apply for a free fishing license. Children who are in the custody of the state, due to a court order, can also qualify for a free license. You can find more information about that, as well as application forms here.

Resident Fishing License Cost
Resident 3-day fishing license $20.00
Resident 7-day fishing license $34.00
Resident 1-year fishing license (age 12–13) $5.00
Resident 1-year fishing license (age 14–17) $16.00
Resident 1-year fishing license (age 18–64) $34.00
Resident 1-year fishing license (age 65 and older) $25.00
Resident disabled veteran 1-year fishing license $12.00
Resident setline fishing permit (valid only when used with current fishing license) $20.00
Resident Multi-year Fishing Licenses Cost per year
Resident multi-year fishing license (age 18–64) up to five years $33.00
Resident multi-year fishing license (age 65 and older) up to five years $25.00
Resident disabled veteran multi-year fishing license up to five years $12.00
Resident Combination License Cost
Resident 1-year combination license (age 14-17) $20.00
Resident 1-year combination license (age 18-64) $38.00
Resident 1-year combination license (age 65 and older) $29.00
Resident disabled veteran 1-year combination license $28.50
Resident Multi-year Combination License Cost per year
Resident multi-year combination license (age 18–64) up to five years $37.00
Resident multi-year combination license (age 65 and older) up to five years $29.00
Resident disabled veteran multi-year combination license up to five years $28.50

Information for Non-Residents

If you are in Utah for a visit or don’t quite qualify for the resident license yet, the full range of 3, 7, and 365-day licenses is still available to you. In addition to that, you also have the option to purchase licenses for more than one year, which is especially useful if you visit often. As with resident licenses, you will need a fishing license if you are 12 years of age or older.

Costs for Non-Residents

Costs for non-residents differ from the prices for resident licenses, so make sure you’re looking at the right table to find the correct prices. Please note that there is only one multi-year fishing license and one multi-year combination license available for non-residents.

Non-Resident Fishing License Cost
Non-Resident 3-day Fishing License $28.00
Non-Resident 7-day Fishing License $46.00
Non-Resident 1-year Fishing License (age 12–13) $6.00
Non-Resident 1-year Fishing License (age 14–17) $29.00
Non-Resident 1-year Fishing License (age 18 and older) $85.00
Non-Resident Multi-year Fishing License (age 18 and older) per year, up to five years $84.00
Non-Resident Setline Fishing License valid only with current fishing license $23.00
Non-Resident Combination License Cost
Non-Resident 1-year Combination License (age 17 and younger) $33.00
Non-Resident 1-year Combination License (age 18 and older) $98.00
Non-Resident Multi-year Combination License (age 18 and older) per year, up to five years $97.00
Other Licenses Cost
Non-Resident Dedicated Hunter (age 12–17) also includes 365-day fishing license $814.00
Non-Resident Dedicated Hunter (age 18 and older) also includes 365-day fishing license $1,047.00

Where to Buy Your Utah Fishing License

Infographic with the flag of Utah and text saying "Buying a Utah fishing license. What you need to know" in all caps and a small graph of a boat underneath.

Fishing licenses in Utah can be bought in a range of different ways, both in-person and online. Have a look at the options below, pick your favorite method and you should be ready to head out on the water in no time.

  • Online. You can purchase fishing and combination licenses online on the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website.
  • In-person. If you prefer a more personal approach, all licenses are also available to purchase from license agents and Utah Division of Wildlife Resources offices. You can find your nearest vendor here.
  • Via phone. If vendors are closed, but you would still like to talk to a person, making a purchase over the phone is also a possibility. Just call 1-800-221-0659. The line is staffed 24/7, but keep in mind that you will be charged a $2 transaction fee for each item you purchase. You will receive your license details immediately, which will allow you to use them. In addition, you’ll get a printed-out version, which may take up to 10 days to get to you via mail.

Remember to carry your license with you at all times when fishing. You can also download the Utah Hunting and Fishing App to legally carry your license with you on your mobile device. The App will even notify you when your license is about to expire, so you’re never in danger of accidentally fishing without valid paperwork!

What happens if you lose your license?

As mentioned above, if you have the Utah Hunting and Fishing App, losing your license is a thing of the past, so long as you have your mobile phone or tablet on you. If you lose your printed license or misplace your phone with the license in the App, you have a few options.

In the case that you purchased your license online, you can simply print it out again. Any licensed agent or Division office should also be able to help you. Additionally, you can also call 801-538-4838 for assistance. Keep in mind that reprinting your license may require you to pay an extra fee.

Free Fishing Day

For one day, every year, everyone in the state of Utah, resident or not, will be able to fish. On Free Fishing Day, no fishing licenses are required and anyone can enjoy the local waters! This year, Free Fishing Day happens on Saturday, June 12. Just keep in mind that all other fishing regulations still apply.

We tried to include all the information you need to purchase a Utah fishing license. If you have any questions, you can always contact your local Division office, or drop us a comment below. After that, the only thing left to do is grab your license, your rods, and book a Utah fishing trip!

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