Verification Has Gone Worldwide
Mar 12, 2021 | 4 minute read Comments
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Verifications at FishingBooker have gone to the next level. In this edition of Captain News, we’re talking about how verification affects how you get bookings. We also go over what goes into making sure that you’re listed alongside other quality captains.

What’s New

Over the last few years, FishingBooker has been working hard to promote a level playing field for captains and bring business to those who follow the rules. 

While we previously required mandatory verification in the US and Australia, now, captains all over the world will need to upload their documents. Soon, any listing we cannot verify – anywhere in the world – will become unbookable until we receive the necessary documentation. 

Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make sure your verification is up to date so that you stay bookable.

Check Your Verification Status

You can see whether or not your listing is verified by checking the verification tab on your profile. If you’re not verified yet, or your documents have expired, you’ll see a red marker here. This means you need to upload your current documents in order to stay visible to customers. 

You can also quickly check your verification status by looking at your listing dashboard. If you have more than one listing, each one has its own verification status. 

If you publish a second listing, the easiest thing to do is upload the necessary info right away.

You don’t need to upload your captain’s license twice, but you should upload the necessary boat or state permits if you’re listing a separate vessel or operating in a location with different regulations. 

How to Get Verified

You can find a FishingBooker listing pretty much anywhere in the world. But every state, country, and region has different rules about what documentation you need in order to run fishing charters. 

So to deal with this, and to standardize verification for guides everywhere on FishingBooker, we’ve come up with a system of badges. The badge your listing gets depends on the documents you upload. 

To be fully verified, here are the documents we need to see:

Photo ID

If your captain’s license has a photo of you, that’s enough. If it doesn’t, then we’ll need to see a separate form of ID.

A Captain or Skipper License

This shows us that you have the knowledge and the expertise to take people out fishing safely. 

Your Local or State Charter Fishing License

This can be confusing as it can have a different name, depending on where you are. Charter Boat License, All Water Guide License, Party Boat License, Outfitter’s Registration, Charter Captain License, to name a few! 

But it’s quite simple – it’s the document that shows that you can take paying passengers fishing. It also allows you to bring fish back to shore at local ports, and it is usually issued by a government body or agency such as the Department of Natural Resources. 

Your Boat’s Registration Certificate

If you fish on a boat, that is! This shows us that your vessel is registered with the proper authorities. 


At the moment, we only ask for this if it is mandated by the law where you live. But you should know that, in the near future, we’ll start asking all charter operators to submit insurance policies. 

If we have proof that you’re a licensed captain, you’ll be able to get bookings. 

But you’ll only get a green “Enhanced Check” badge if all your documents are up to date and current. 

Customers book fully-verified captains more often and, once we confirm all your documents are up to date, you’ll also receive a ranking boost!

Beyond Verification 

Becoming verified is only the first step towards receiving and maintaining customers through FishingBooker. There’s a lot of work that happens behind the scenes to help ensure customers get to fish with a quality guide. 

We want you to be listed alongside other captains that treat their customers with respect. This means: 

Responding to booking requests in good time. Because no one likes to be left waiting.

Following through on agreements with customers. Taking people out with the guide and boat they originally booked.

Truthfully advertising your services. Making sure that what’s on your listing matches up with the experience you actually provide.

Charging customers fairly. Not asking for more than your regular prices.

If we’re unsure whether something on your listing is accurate, we’ll reach out to you to learn more. We do this through tickets, which you can see in the notification center in your dashboard

Otherwise, check your notifications in the “Business” section of your app, and you’ll see all your important messages.

Being bookable on FishingBooker means that we’ve manually reviewed your listing, confirmed that you’re a legitimate captain, and that we have made sure your services match what you’ve advertised elsewhere. It also means you can receive verified customer reviews, which ultimately help grow your online brand. 

As a verified captain, you’ve demonstrated that you respect your customers and we are proud to be working with outstanding guides like you. Thank you for your continued commitment and participation in our global community of quality fishing guides, and we look forward to your future business. 

Not fully verified? Make sure you stay bookable and upload your most recent documents today.

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  • Putu Menaka

    Oct 22, 2020

    It will not possible being done in Indonesia 🇮🇩. There’s no licensing needed to be a fisherman or captain here in Bali Indonesia. Especially when we only use Jukung, but we all follow safety procedure and knowledge of our water territory.

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      Oct 26, 2020

      Hi Putu,

      Thanks for getting in touch and for sharing how things work in Indonesia.

      We understand that fishing regulations vary around the world, so always adapt our requirements depending on the country. The minimum we’d ask for in any country is whatever is mandatory by law, as well as a photo ID and proof of insurance for either your boat or your business.

      We’re always happy to hear more about the regulations where you are, so feel free to get in touch and we can talk in more detail.

      All the best!

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