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Top Fishing Charters in St Kilda

Fishing in St Kilda

St Kilda fishing charters depart from one of the most vibrant suburbs of Melbourne. With an easy access to the Port Phillip Bay, these anglers enjoy a year-long fishing season. St Kilda fishing is diverse and promising. Renowned for bottom fishing, St Kilda can produce a fishing trip to remember, especially for novice anglers.

Known for

St Kilda has played a significant role in the history of Melbourne. Once a hip place for the Melbourne elite, St Kilda stores numerous historical and cultural artifacts to this day. It’s a place where gentrification meets high-end fashion streets and cafes with brewed coffee. This is where the Victorian architecture clashes with the new millennium buildings.

Down the St Kilda pier, you will find numerous boats waiting to join the chase and explore the rich fishing grounds. Look up and you will see the cityscape and packs of kite surfers. Take a stroll around the St Kilda waterfront, enjoy the sand of the famous St Kilda beach. This is the epicentre of water activities, ranging from windsurfing to skydiving.

If you happen to be fishing here, you don’t want to miss the festivals that bring together artists, actors, artisan craftsmen, and anglers. You will see people having a nice time around St Kilda Pavilion at the end of the pier or the Luna Park amusement center. It’s more than a fishing trip, it’s a fun walk down the Australian heritage.

An insider’s tip - if you want to see something super cute, have a stroll down the pier to see St Kilda Pier penguins. They are a major attraction and show up after sunset every day of the year.

As for the main part, fishing charters in St Kilda regularly get Snapper, Pinkie (ie baby Snapper), King George Whiting, Slimy Trevally, Flathead, Garfish, and a variety of Shark. Let’s have a look at some of the most productive St Kilda fishing spots.


If you want to get King George Whiting, you should listen to local anglers and explore the bay waters off Sandringham. Sea grass and sandy patches fish well for Whiting, and you can usually find them around shallow waters.

Check out the reefs around the Sandringham breakwall. The area produces year-round Bream, with Whiting biting well in warm months. You can get Flatties (Flathead) in the early morning, as well as Garfish and Snapper. You also want to check out the pylons under the breakwall. Snapper regularly hide there. Soft plastics seem to do a trick a lot of the time.


The Mordialloc Pier pierces into the Port Phillip Bay. These fisheries attract scores of land and boat anglers. And with good reason. Here you can get Silver Trevally, Snapper, Flathead, Squid, as well as a good number of King George Whiting. Throughout the year, this hot spot produces Bream and Mullet and hosts schools of Australian Salmon during spring and summer. Garfish is another popular catch.

Black Rock

If you want a delicious meal, hire a charter to take you fishing around the Black Rock. You can get bags of Snapper in no time. From Pinkies to adult specimens, these waters will give you a trip to remember. And a meal to remember as well!

Pinkies will be swimming around shallow waters, in depths of up to five meters or so, while the big ones will be feeding in slightly deeper waters.

Northern Beaches

It’s good to have or hire a boat to get access to northern beaches. It fishes well for Bream, Mullet, Salmon, and some Whiting. As a rule of thumb, pilchards seem to do the trick for these fellas, so get your baits set.

Yarra River

The Yarra River lies close to St Kilda if you hop aboard. It’s a different business, alright, and produces nice results. Here you can get Bream, Murray Cod, Brown Trout, and more. But, the fish if not fit for human consumption due to high levels of metals. However, if you’re looking to practise your skills and release the fish, you can still have a nice day out. Follow the river upstream to reach the healthy waters.

Past the Rip and into the Bass Strait

Deep sea fishing in St Kilda is not a big thing. One of the reasons is surely that it has a lot more to offer in the vast space of Port Phillip Bay, oftentimes literally without leaving the terra firma. Most novice anglers want a good day out, and trust us, St Kilda can give you that in spades.

But if you just can’t resist the temptation of open waters, you should head out on a longer trip, sometimes multiday trips if you want to fish the Strait. There you could get Snapper, Salmon, pelagics and other game species. Even better, you can make a quick stop in Queenscliff or Sorrento, and then head out. It can be super rewarding, but is a test of skills and patience.

What can I expect from fishing near St Kilda and how much does it cost?

A good day out. St Kilda fishing is no big game paradise, but lacks nothing in excitement. Kids will love it, beginner anglers will love it, and veteran fishermen will love it as well. Another plus is that St Kilda fishing charters can easily switch the fishing spot if there are no bites. You won’t be losing time with these captains. The charters will take you between five and 15 miles offshore. A good starting point is a five hour trip if you’re fishing for the very first time. More experienced anglers can book a full day trip and enjoy the Bay waters to their full.

If you want to be fishing with your friends and hire a private charter, then the price for a half day trip might be around AUD 1000, while a full day trip will often cost around AUD 2000. Private charters will give you less hassle, a nice time out with your mates, more time for fishing where you want, and a captain who is fully focused on your party. You can split the costs between yourselves and get a better experience.

A half day shared trip will cost you about AUD 100, while a full day trip will be around AUD 180. As Snapper are a big thing here, some specialized Snapper charters can cost slightly more eg AUD 120 for a five hour trip.

Rules and regulations

Like elsewhere in Victoria, you will need to purchase a recreational fishing license before you board a charter. Kids don’t need a fishing license, and fishermen over 70 are also exempt. Rules for bags and size limits apply, so you should inform yourself before the trip. The local captains know these rules and will advise you. It’s important to understand that the fishing community in Victoria pays attention to sustainability so that we could keep fisheries healthy and running in the seasons to come.

Types of fishing

When you come to St Kilda to fish, you will most likely know or learn how to do bottom fishing. That’s right, the Snapper season is a pretty big thing around here. To be completely fair, other species are also fun to catch, and you will have a lot of opportunities to snap some nice photos of your trip. Here’s what you can be doing on your charter.

Let’s start with Snapper. If you’re fishing near St Kilda, you will want to check pylons and sandy bottoms. You don’t need to go straight to the depths, as you will find scores of Pinkies in shallower waters. Bigger Snapper come closer to the surface to feed during the night. The fresh bait should be your number one choice. Go with squid, garfish, and salmon. Pilchard, too. Local anglers claim that cocktail bait work superbly with Pinkies. You will find that a majority of charters fishes using 7-10 kg threadline tackle.

Bait fishing proves supreme when targeting King George Whiting. Use mussel or pilchards, and if you want some Silver Trevally get squids.

Some odd Mako Shark may wonder into the bay as far as St Kilda. You will need heavy tackle, and they might often end up at the end of the line without you even targeting them. Gummy Shark are fun to catch, but you do need guidance from an experienced captain.

Of course, if you head out far out, or go on a multiday customized charter, you can go trolling for Tuna, Mackerel, some Mako and Thresher Shark. With some luck, you could also be doing bottom jigging for Yellowtail Kingfish.

St Kilda Fishing Seasons

The summer game is on, and the Bay waters are wide awake. You can readily get Whiting, as well as Gummy Shark, Calamari, and Flathead

Some solid fishing around the bay. The waters are still warm, and you can get Gummy Shark, some Whiting, Flathead, and Garfish.

Some Pinkies, occasional Salmon, and a couple of Gummy Sharks. Wear layers and layers of clothes just to be prepared. The Bay trip can be super rewarding.

You can get some Salmon Trout around the breakwaters of St Kilda. Bream bites well this time of the year. Most captains move to Portland join the Tuna chase.

The winter’s on the horizon. You can get some Salmon. Check out the reefs for some more exciting fishing opportunities.

You can get Australian Salmon. Garfish are another option, along with Leatherjacket. Yellow-eye mullet are also on the chew.

Winter fishing can get excellent. The fisheries from Mordialloc to Black Rock produce Snapper, with good bags of Whiting around the Breakwall.

Snapper can produce real magic still. Check out the reefy areas and underwater structures and you could be reaching the limits in no time.

You can get solid number of Squid. Use soft plastics to get Flathead and Pinkies. The pier can be quite lucrative.

Pink Snapper swim across Port Phillip Bay. They are rising in numbers. You can also get some Silver Trevally.

It’s the peak season for Pink Snapper. You will see many anglers with a nice pink catch. Use pilchard and squid to entice them.

This is the time to get Snapper. They are on fire. You should also scout around the Bay for Silver Trevally, Leatherjacket, Garfish, and some Sharks.

St Kilda Fishing Calendar

Top Targeted Species in St Kilda

Snapper (Pink)