We go the extra (nautical) mile for your safety

Safety is and always will be our top priority. It's our goal to help make sure that fishing experiences offered through FishingBooker are safe and comfortable. Since our beginning, we've worked hard to design policies and features which protect our customers.

Credentials checks

Every charter operator in the US is screened within two weeks of listing on our platform. Our legal team performs two kinds of checks:

Basic check:

* Required for being visible on FishingBooker

Identity: Verification credentials confirming someone’s identity.

Competency: Verification of certificate showing that a person is authorized to operate a vessel (where applicable).

Enhanced check:

Everything included in the basic check.

Legitimacy: Verification of credentials showing that a person or a legal entity is registered or licensed to legally run charter fishing and/or touristic activities.

Technicality: Verification of credentials showing that there is an existing boat that has been registered/inspected.

*While we go the extra mile to ensure legal compliance, it’s important that potential clients looking to go fishing also do their best to protect themselves. Asking captains to see their credentials is a good start, as most reputable charter operators will gladly provide their licenses.

Peace of mind for your fishing experience

FishingBooker offers a range of resources that protect your privacy and help look after your safety. We’re dedicated to what matters most: keeping you safe while you fish.



Everyone on FishingBooker has a profile to help customers and captains get to know each other. To book or list your boat, you’ll be asked to provide FishingBooker with your full name, phone number, payment information, and email address.

Secure messaging

Our Instant Messaging tool lets you get to know the captain or customer and allows you to ask questions ahead of a booking. After a trip is booked, you can easily message back-and-forth to coordinate things like directions, departure time, etc.


Verified customer reviews

FishingBooker has more than 10,000 verified reviews from anglers that help match customers with the perfect charter and captain. Customers and captains can only review each other after a trip is done.