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Fishing charters off Fremantle have access to diverse fishing. This port city has rich maritime heritage, distinctive architecture that dates back to the 19th century, and serves as a major port on the mouth of the Swan River.

The Fremantle harbour is a meeting point for many boats, tourists, locals, and anglers. They come together to enjoy the taste and flavours of many breweries, cafes, and fish and chips shops.

When you come fishing Fremantle, the city’s vibrant spirit will enchant you to come back for more. And you won’t regret it.

The city overlooks the Indian Ocean and has a Mediterranean climate. This means that fishing is superb from November to March, but stays fine throughout the year. Whether you choose the river or head to the reefs and beyond, you will be fishing one of the richest fisheries in Western Australia.

Known for

Fremantle was and is largely linked to the water. It was a major gathering point for the local people who performed ceremonies around the city’s banks and fished for the species that swim around what’s now downtown Fremantle.

Fremantle fishing is action packed all year round. All you need to ask yourself is where you should be fishing first.

Fremantle fishing spots

Metro waters

The most prominent fishing spots near Fremantle are North and South Mole. You can get Flathead, Bream, Herring, and Whiting throughout the year. Some Australian Salmon and Bonito also swim around. North Mole fishes well for Snapper. You could also get Mulloway, some Sharks, and an occasional odd pelagic.

If you’re up for some river fishing, head upstream the Swan River in search of Black Bream. Fishing is productive near mussel beaches, jetties, bridge pylons, fallen trees, and rocky areas. Other species include Flathead, Flounder, Tailor, and Herring.

Head south towards the Groyne boat ramp for outstanding Pink Snapper fishing. Snapper seek shelter when the seas are rough.

The waters of Cockburn Sound can get you Salmon, Tailor, Mulloway and other fish that are fun to catch.


Fremantle’s reefs are an excellent starting point as they are close to the coast line. Even a half day trip to the nearby hot spots can get you full bags of fish.

If a captain takes you fishing near the peculiar island of Carnac, you can get Samson Fish, and a good deal of Mackerel, Herring, and Tailor.

Artificial reefs between the Rottnest Island the Garden Island fish well for Snapper, Dhufish, and Salmon. You can also get some Mackerel and Trevally around that area of Fremantle waters.

Five Fathom Bank is a popular spot during the summer and winter. In summer, you can get Spanish Mackerel and Kings, while the winter months produce a good feed of Pink Snapper. Dhufish also swim around.


Fremantle offshore fishing can be outstanding if you get the right coordinates. These waters see Tuna and Mahi within a short ride from the city harbour. However, if you want better chances, you should go a bit further out. Rottnest Island attracts Mahis-local anglers have seen them gather around the FADs. During summer months, you can also find some Marlin.

Once you pass Rottnest Island, the target species start to multiply. Anglers regularly catch Pink Snapper and Trevally around here. The celebrity of local fisheries, Yellowtail Kingfish often appears offshore.

The warm Leeuwin current provides shelter for numerous game fish. It also attracts what’s likely to be the next big thing in Fremantle fishing reports. You can get Wahoo, Tuna, Marlin, or Mahi, especially during the summer months. 

How much does it cost?

If you’re fishing with your mates and want to have the comfort of the boat to yourselves, you will all ride for around AUD 2600 on a full day trip. Most of the local charters can take up to a dozen of anglers. This is a great way to be fishing with your family and friends. The captain will have the time to share more knowledge and skills with you. And, you will have more flexibility to chose the target, place, and tempo. If you want a nice weekend out, get your mates and come fishing.

You might want to start with half day trip if you have little to no experience. One nice thing about the Fremantle charters is that they don’t need to head into the open ocean (and suffer the choppy seas that go with it) to get a nice catch.

The rich reefs are a few kilometres off Fremantle, so you could catch a nice dinner even after a couple of hours. If you’re fishing alone, shared half day trips cost about AUD 150 per person. A full day trip on a shared charter costs around AUD 230.

Rules and regulations

Recreational fishing is well regulated in Western Australia, meaning Fremantle as well. Authorities pay a lot of attention to the wellbeing of fisheries. If you want to know more, you can find the regulations here, or just ask your charter captain. If you’re fishing from a charter, you don’t need a recreational fishing license. The captains know the daily limits and sizes, and will pay attention so that fishing is enjoyable but also that it doesn’t harm the environment.

Types of fishing

Fremantle fishing is one big esplanade, just like the Fleet Street that overlooks the ocean. It’s perfect for recreational fishing as you can be a mom who wants to go fishing with her daughter or a veteran angler, and you could still find a lot to fish for.

Whether you grab the road and fish from the Mole, or hire a charter to take you after a trophy catch, you’ll be able to try a variety of styles.

Around the metro area

Fishing the metro waters of Fremantle is light tackle fun. If you want a nice family day out, targeting Bream, you should use mussels and river prawns with small sinkers on hooks. Tailor works well on poppers and will often strike pilchard and mullies. Metal lures and spoons can do the trick. You’ve just got to try fishing for the local darling King George Whiting. They work just fine with poppers and like feeding on minnows.

How to fish Fremantle reefs

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. Fremantle reefs are pure gold. You’ve got Pink Snapper, Samson fish, Dhufish, Baldchin Groper, Atlantic Salmon. Of course, offshore reefs also produce Mahi, Tuna, and Marlin.

When you go fishing for bottom species around the reefs, know that bottom jigging is popular. Find reef patches and with a proper jig you could be getting Dhufish and Pink Snapper pretty soon. For Pink Snapper, use a spin stick and mullies. Dhufish like to eat Whiting so you should start from there for maximum chances of success.

When you reach offshore reefs and FADs west of Rottnest Island, go for trolling. You can get Tuna and Mahi Mahi. How to get them? You will want to have Mackerel ready on your line as Tuna won’t stay around long. Trolling is popular when fishing for Mahi. As they eat nearly everything, don’t worry too much about the bait, but rather focus on finding a school of them.

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Fremantle Fishing Seasons

There are schools of Mahi offshore, with Tunas closer to the coast line. You could reel in a Marlin even. Inshore, anglers focus on Bream, Tailor, Flathead, and Mulloway. Dhufish and Snapper are around the reefs.

If you go to the nearshore reefs, you can still get Grouper, Snapper, some Dhufish even. The warm waters further out can produce big game fish, including Mahi, Marlin, and Tuna.

The fishing dies out. You can get Black Bream as they move downstream. There are Snapper around the reefs, with some of them even hurling towards inshore waters for shelter.

The action moves to rivers. You can get Tailor around the jetties and maybe some odd Mulloway. Salmon is feeding around the Swan River.

If you’re persistent enough, your offshore trip can result in Wahoo, Sailfish, and some GTs. A safer bet is inshore, where Salmon and Herring put up a good fight.

You can get hefty Pink Snapper around the reefs. The waters also hide Queenfish, Dhufish, and an odd Tuna or two.

Go for some Mackerel trolling offshore. Around the sounds and jetties you may find Salmon. Occasionally, not far from the coast, you can get Snapper.

The action is quiet offshore. You might stumble across some Snapper near the city waters. They are much more common near the reefs, so you will want to take a charter there for a fine dinner.

Inshore, you can take kids out for a nice day fishing for King George Whiting. Pink Snapper still produce awesome fishing around the reefs. Some Trevally and Queenfish might be a bit further out.

Game fishing starts heating up offshore. You might get some Sailfish and Tuna around the structures. Inshore, Flounder are a prominent catch.

The action is even hotter now. Offshore, you can go trolling for some Tuna, or an occasional school of Mahi. Check out the reefs to get Yellowtail Kingfish.

Summer’s here. You can readily fish for Marlin, Mahi, Tuna, and Wahoo offshore. Reefs fish superbly for Mackerel. Inshore action is also solid, with Bream and Tailor biting.

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Snapper (Pink)

Snapper (Pink)



Queen Snapper (Australian)

Queen Snapper (Australian)

King George Whiting

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