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Fishing in Perth

The fishing Perth has access to is fantastic year round. Perth boasts sandy beaches and the huge, riverside Kings Park and Botanic Garden on Mt. Eliza. Visitors and locals head there for sweeping views of the city. Perth has amazing fishing on its doorstep, where you could as easily be fishing in the river or the ocean.

You’ll find a lot of fishing action both north and south of the city. Its rich fisheries make Perth the first and only fishing stop for many anglers traveling to this part of the continent. The bustling streets and hip suburbs make it a great base when heading out to explore the fishing opportunities of Western Australia.

Known For

Perth is a real treat for recreational anglers. Local captains focus on both your enjoyment and the catch. This means that novice anglers and pro fishermen alike can find something to fish for. Local charters are experienced in navigating around the best fishing spots in Perth, whether you’re fishing inshore, on lakes and rivers, or heading further out offshore. Let's have a look at where you should cast your line.


If you’d like to explore fishing opportunities inshore, there are several places to check out. Don’t miss Perth Beach. It produces Flathead, Whiting, Tailor, Bream, and Mulloway. The Yanchep lagoon is a great spot for Whiting and Tailor. You’ll find many reefs here where you can use poppers and metal slugs.

Another popular Tailor spot is the Swanbourne Beach Drain. There is a lot going on around the North and South Mole. These two spots are popular and fish well for Whiting, Bream, Blue Mackerel, and Herring throughout the year. Here you could also catch Snapper and Sharks.

The North Mole also produces fine fishing for Australian Salmon in spring. During fall, check out the Swanbourne Beach Drain and the Sorrento Beach for Salmon.


Boat anglers can target a number of species out of Perth. Not far from the city, you can catch solid numbers of Spanish and King Mackerel during the summer. Head out to the Five Fathom Bank, where Pink Snapper and Spanish Macks are high in numbers during June. You can also hook Westralian Jewfish here.

Want to know another reason why Perth fishing is so great? Quite a few Tuna show up in waters from Lancin in the north to Myalup in the south. There are also Marlin that appear near Rottnest Island and schools of Mahi swimming around the nearby FADs.

The Direction Bank can produce Yellowtail Kingfish that will simply smash your jigs, so better get your grip ready. The Three Mile Reef produces Samson Fish (locally known as Sambo), Black Arse Cod (indigenous to Australia), some Westralian Jewfish, as well as King George Whiting (KGWs). Also, you can get Baldchin Groper here.

Once you go beyond Rottnest Island, you can target a variety of fish. The always-popular Yellowtail Amberjacks are on the chew. Travel some 10–15 kilometers past the Island, and you could be scouting the bottom waters for Sambo. They are too dry to eat, so the common practice it to get them back into the water. But, the fight is nothing short of spectacular for first-time anglers.

The Rottnest Trench is great for Blue-Eye Trevalla (Antarctic Butterfish).

If you want to head far out, go past the Lewin warm current mark, and head for the Perth Canyon. Those waters are brilliant to do some deep sea fishing. Target Big Nose Shark at the depth of 300 meters and larger Snapper and Trevalla.

River Fishing

There’s hardly any blog, book, or a forum that doesn’t mention Swan River fishing. The river dominates the cityscape and has sparked many fishing opportunities, hotspots, and big catches. Famed for Black Bream fishing, the Swan River attracts many anglers who flock here to get Whiting, Flounder, Tailor, Grunter, Herring, and more during the summer. Check out the Canning Bridge, The Narrows, and Mt. Henry.

Fishing Tips

  • When heading to the reefs, make sure to pack jigs. You can get Westralian Jewfish, Pink Snapper, and Samson Fish by bottom jigging near the reef patches.

  • Baldchin Groper (‘baldie’) are caught on spin sticks with mono line, and go after berley. Use squid, strip baits, and mulies.

  • If you want to get Tailor, use metal slugs and poppers. King George Whiting goes after poppers and minnows, and strike prawn as well.

  • Fishing for Black Bream near estuaries or rivers? Try a light spin stick and small threadline reel.

Need to know

The seasons in the southern hemisphere are opposite to those of the northern hemisphere. November (their spring) is the best time to fly over.


With Perth’s massive fishing potential, the local fisheries are heavily fished. There are restrictions and fish limits throughout the year. Each year, there is a seasonal demersal fishing ban aimed to help preserve the fisheries further. That means no bottom fishing for the likes of Snapper, Baldchin Groper, and Westralian Jewfish at certain times of the year. To stay abreast of up-to-date info  each year, it’s best to check out the most recent regulations before you book a trip.


For inshore fishing, shared charters are a popular option and cost about AUD 150 per person for a half day trip and bit over AUD 200 for full day trips. When offshore fishing, a full day private charter costs around AUD 3,200 – luckily, you can split the cost with some friends as most private charters can accommodate dozens of fishermen.

Getting There

Fly directly into Perth Airport, which is just 20 minutes from the center of town.

There’s no better time to try your hand fishing Perth’s waters – inshore or offshore, there’s something for anglers of all skill levels here.


Perth Fishing Seasons


You could be getting Mahi, Tuna, and Marlin around the reef FADs. Inshore, you will find Tailor, Black Bream, Mulloway, Flathead and more. Pink Snapper and Dhufish swim deep down around the reefs.


The summer vibes are still in the water. Head out to the reefs to get Snapper, Groper, and other table fare. Offshore, you could still be landing a Marlin, Mahi, or Tuna.


As Black Bream make their move towards more saline waters, they’ll be passing down the rivers towards the ocean.


You can find Australian Salmon around the Swan River, as well as Black Bream. There are also Tailor in the water. Sounds become the big thing, with schools of fish feeding. Or, head to Portland for Tuna!


Herring are high in number, as Salmon provide a lot of fun around the river waters. Spanish Mackerel can be prolific offshore, along with occasional GTs, as well as Sailfish, Wahoo, Marlin, Mahi.


As the winter sets in, the action moves to jetties and estuaries. Offshore, Pink Snapper are the main target, some reaching over 20 kilos. You can also get Dhufish, Samson fish, Herring, as well as Queenfish, Tuna, and Sharks.


You will find some Salmon in the Cockburn Sound. A bit further out, at the depth of some 200 metres, you could be getting Pink and Red Snapper. Offshore, Tuna and Mackerel are solid in numbers.


Sometimes, even an odd Coral Trout can take you by surprise. You can also find Pink Snapper, and some Dhufish in north metro waters.


Pinkies remain the top target offshore. You can get Trevally and Queenfish offshore. Dhufish are on the chew. King George whiting is another popular option.


Flathead and Flounder appear in shallow waters. King George Whiting is excellent around the beaches, while you might get some stellar fishing offshore, with Sailfish and Tuna starting to bite.


Small Tailor produce great light tackle fun on the Swan River. Yellowtail Kingfish is cruising around the reefs. You can also get Black Bream and excellent fishing around the Swan River.


You will find small Tailor along the beaches, with Bream heading upstream. Around the reefs Mackerel are higher in numbers, and the summer also attracts Marlin, Tuna, and Mahi.

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Keep the line in the water as you'll never know what will strike your hook.
4.7 / 5
Keep the line in the water as you'll never know what will strike your hook.
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Edjargo Marine Charters Piara Waters, WA
Go out on a booked trip they will enjoy the hospitality from Captain and crew
5.0 / 5
Go out on a booked trip they will enjoy the hospitality from Captain and crew
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Fremantle Boat Charters
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Excellent crew and excellent experience. We started catching fish 15 minutes after we stopped. We moved to various locations. Captain and crew were great host. Very clear in communications, I had an issue on my end and Nof was very understanding and great host. I 100% recommend this experience. I would do it again if I’m back to Perth
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Fremantle Boat Charters
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It was a fantastic charter. The boat is big and clean and captain Nop and his crew are very professional and friendly. We caught a couple of fish and 14 lobsters! Best experience ever. The service of this website is also excellent. Megan is very responsible and considerate.
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Fremantle Boat Charters
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Great day. Fantastic helpful guys on the trip. See u next year with my family again. ?????????
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Fremantle Boat Charters
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Brilliant day! The guys really know their stuff. We all had so much fun. Thank you so much
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Fremantle Boat Charters
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Awesome experience would definitely do it again. We caught a lot of fish and crayfish which was awesome ( 10 of us walked away wf a crayfish each ? ) I was sick the whole time ( the crew always checked in on me ) but everyone else enjoyed and had an amazing experience
Sheryl  T.  T.
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