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Whether you’re looking for some summertime sunshine or winter warmth, Lake Winnipeg’s fishing scene has you covered. The largest lake in southern Canada boasts year-round angling opportunities, keeping you entertained whenever you’re in Manitoba. Whether aboard a boat, from shore, or on the ice, there’s no shortage of angling action. 
While the waters of the lake are relatively shallow, they still play home to a range of exciting and delicious fish. Try ice fishing in winter, or mix it up in spring, summer, and fall, with some bottom fishing, trolling, or fly fishing to land beauties like Pike, Walleye, Bass, Trout, Perch, and even Sturgeon. 
Beginners looking for their first catch can hop aboard a half-day trip, targeting delightful little creatures like Crappie and Sunfish. While the avid angler can take advantage of a full day or longer on the water. Aboard a charter, with a guide, or on a lodging adventure in the wilderness, you can spend as long as you want, going after trophy-sized Walleyes and Sturgeon. 
Most of the lake’s 1,155-mile shoreline is in Provincial Parks, so you can get lost in the stunning beauty of Manitoba’s nature. Head south and take in the rays at Winnipeg or Hillside Beach in summer, or get out on the heart of the lake in winter and make the most of your Lake Winnipeg fishing trip. 
Fishing on Lake Winnipeg is great year-round. Come and discover the beauty of one of Canada’s prized fishing lakes!

Rules & Regulations

Before embarking on your Lake Winnipeg fishing adventure, you’ll need to get yourself a Manitoba fishing license. All anglers over the age of 16 need a valid licence, while prices differ for residents and non-residents. Other than that, your professional guide will have everything you need for a successful and law-abiding day out.

Lake Winnipeg
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Lake Winnipeg Fishing Seasons

Slide into the new year across the ice, with a warming fishing adventure in an ice hut. Find out why Lake Winnipeg’s Ice Fishing Derby takes place in January as you reel in plenty of prized fish.
Tourists and locals flock to Winnipeg’s French quarter in February for the Festival du Voyageur in celebration of the town and lake’s rich culture. Why not tie it in with an ice fishing adventure to get your angling fix?
There’s still plenty of time to get out on the ice before it thaws, so get ready for the last of the winter action and battle it out with Walleye, various Trout, and Whiting among many more before it all changes. 
Due to the melting ice, it’s touch-and-go as to whether you can find a fishing trip in April. The new season is about a month away, but if you find the right conditions, there’s still plenty to keep you on your toes. 
Depending on where you are on the lake, you’ll gradually see the fishing warm up along with the weather. Get your fish on against the incoming beasts such as Sturgeon and Pike, and many more favorites. 
The fishing really hits its stride in June, with the warmer water attracting plenty of fish to the surface. Go after Pike, Bass, Trout, Sturgeon, Perch, Crappie, and many more, as you take advantage of peak season. 
Winnipeg’s International Folk Festival takes center stage in July, but that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the fishing. It’s as good as ever, so hop aboard a charter and hit up all the fishing grounds.
With the kids still off school, why not bring them along for a healthy, fun-filled, outdoor activity? Help them land their first Crappie or Sunfish, while you go after Pike, Perch, Bass, Trout, or even Sturgeon.
Some of the prized summer fish go into hiding come September, but don’t worry! They’re replaced by equally impressive monsters, as Walleye and Lake Trout enter the fray to give you the chance of landing a trophy. 
Mark the end of the season before winter hits and get out on the water one last time. Target some prized fish to make your angling dreams come true from shore or aboard a charter, before a well-earned break.
Before the serious cold weather hits, you’ll be wondering what to do with yourself. The unpredictable weather means there’s no guarantee of a fishing trip, while the prized fish are few and far between. 
It’s all go once again as the year draws to a close. As the lake freezes over, you’ll have the chance to head out and get your fish on. Follow a professional guide and go after Walleye, Crappie, Pike, and Trout. 

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