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The Wildflower State, as it’s popularly known, takes up an impressive third of Australia’s landmass. Considering the sheer size involved, it would be fair to say that, while not few, the local hotspots are definitely far between. It’s just one reason why the fishing Western Australia has to offer is both unique and rewarding. And when we say rewarding, we do mean some of the best angling opportunities in Australia and beyond.

Known For

Western Australia is home to some very diverse fishing. Different kinds of saltwater and freshwater fisheries are open to you, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look for the kind of fishing you’re interested in. Most of the action happens in the western parts of the state, with numerous fishing options for beginners and experts alike.

Saltwater Fishing

The entire stretch of water from Shark Bay all the way to the Northern Territory is an angler’s dream. This big game fishing paradise is home to the likes of Sailfish, Amberjack, Cobia, Mahi Mahi, Black Marlin, and more besides. For the best experience, you should check out Exmouth, the area’s crown jewel. This resort town is not just Billfish Central, but also the only place in Australia where you can catch Bonefish on a regular basis.

To the southwest you have Perth, known as “The most remote city in the world” by many. It’s a popular destination for rock fishing, a very common pastime among Australian anglers. They’ll spend day after day fishing for the likes of Silver Trevally, big Bluefish, Mulloway, Sharks, and more. Estuary and bay fishing are also big in Perth, with King George Whiting, Mulloway, and Flatheads being regular targets.

Freshwater Fishing

Two of the finest freshwater fisheries in the Golden State, Lake Argyle and Lake Kununurra, are located right at the northern tip of the interstate border. The waters of Lake Argyle are brimming with the local variant of Catfish, known as Silver Cobbler. So much so, in fact, that the authorities have allowed a limited number of commercial fishing boats to operate there. Other than that, it’s also a good place to catch the ever-popular Barramundi.

On the southern end, most of the freshwater angling is done at rivers, streams, and dams. These are prime grounds for Rainbow Trout, with places like Donnelly and Blackwood River among the most productive of the bunch. Another popular targeted species in these parts is the Redfin Perch (elsewhere known as European Perch). Probably the best place to catch a bunch of Perch is the Warren River, home to a decent number of Trout as well.

Western Australia Fishing Tips

  • If you’re a dedicated fly angler, you’re going to love Exmouth with its sprawling sandy flats full of Bonefish, Permit, and Golden Trevally.
  • The best way to fish for local Trout is with good minnow imitations. Think Tilsan minnows and the like.
  • Redfin Perch are considered an invasive species, which is why there are absolutely no limits applied when fishing for them.

Need to Know


You don’t need a fishing licence when fishing the saltwater, but you’ll need one for freshwater fisheries. Be aware that in both cases size and bag rules apply. These are revised on an annual level, so it’s highly recommended to either catch up with the latest regs shortly before a trip or hire a professional guide who’ll supply you with all the necessary info.


In addition to private charter fishing, shared trips are a big deal in Western Australia. This means you can have a great time on pretty much any budget! Prices will vary from place to place, but you should be able to land a place on a shared four-hour trip for less than AUD 150.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have deep sea fishing trips that are at least 9-10 hours long. Depending on the boat and its capacity, fishing with one of those will set you back at least AUD 2,200.

Whatever your preferences may be, there’s a part of Western Australia that will have the fishing of your dreams. All you need to do is choose the right one!

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January is a great time to do some deep sea fishing! If you’re the competitive type, go ahead and join the Exmouth Heavy Tackle Tournament for a shot at glory.


Summer is a great time for Billfish all over the western coast. Blue, Black, and Striped Marlin as well as Sailfish will make sure you’ve got your hands full throughout.


The offshore bite is still strong in March, and it’s an especially good time for Tuna fishing if you’re up for it. Expect lots of Yellowfins, along with Bluefin and Dogtooth Tuna.


Early April marks the slow end of peak Barramundi fishing, so be sure to make it count. Barras are some of tastiest fish out there, making for a rewarding treat after a day’s worth of fishing.


If you were worried about missing out on the tournament season, you’ll be happy to know that there’s plenty of competitive fishing to be done in May. One of them is the Masters Tournament in Exmouth.


Winter might make for a lull in fishing elsewhere, but not in Western Australia! The Blue Marlin bite will be great for some time yet, so get it while it’s hot.


Anglers who’ve never been fishing in the Indo-Pacific before shouldn’t miss the chance to go after Narrow-barred Spanish Mackerel in July. Running hard and fast, they’re a real treat to catch.


Bonefish are coming in force to the northwestern flats. You have every reason to join the army of anglers who’ll be fishing the waters for all they’re worth!


It’s prime time for fly fishing, so come on down and bring your favourite flies. Western Australia is the perfect place to try your hand at big game fly fishing and get hooked for life.


There’s hardly a better time to go fishing in waters near Perth. Why? For starters, you can get hooked on Bluefin Tuna less than two dozen meters away from shore.


The southern freshwater fisheries are home to some great Redfin Perch hot spots, making November a wonderful opportunity for a fun-filled day in the wilderness.


The lovely weather in December opens up endless angling possibilities. Whether it’s pelagics or bottom feeders, saltwater or freshwater, Mahi Mahi or Barramundi, you’re in for a quite a trip.

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Behman P. fished with Innkeeper Sport Fishing on November 16, 2018
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Hire the InnKeeper boat as it is very comfortable and the crew are very professional.
Half day trip with Captain Harley.
Ray J. fished with Broome Coast Charters on October 13, 2018
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Water was a little choppy, but with this boat we still got out and caught fish
Full day out
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Take a trip with these guys, they are awesome!
Day fishing charter with Edjargo
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Keep the line in the water as you'll never know what will strike your hook.
January fishing trip
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Nothing keep the work up guys I love it
Nite trip with Dale an Liam
Judy C. fished with Edjargo Marine Charters on February 19, 2017
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Go out on a booked trip they will enjoy the hospitality from Captain and crew

FAQs about Fishing Charters in Western Australia

To give you an idea of how much a fishing trip in Western Australia costs, the average price for an 8 hour private trip is $1,683. These prices are based on trips booked on our site recently.

Prices will vary depending on trip length, fishing technique, as well as the type and size of the boat you booked. However, to give you an indication, the average boat size in Western Australia is 45 ft and the most common vessel type is a Aluminum fishing.

According to customer reviews, Fish On: Lake Bidyanus Fishing Camp, Fremantle Boat Charters, and Ningaloo Gamefishing Charters are some of the most popular fishing charters in Western Australia. Full list of top fishing charters in Western Australia.

Fremantle Boat Charters received great reviews from families who booked fishing trips in Western Australia.

The best way to experience fishing in Western Australia is to book a private charter with a licensed fishing guide. See the full list of charters available for online booking here: List of fishing charters in Western Australia.

The most popular fish species you can target are Snapper (Pink), Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), and Marlin (Blue). Top fishing techniques include light tackle, deep sea fishing, and bottom fishing. Offshore fishing, inshore fishing, and reef fishing are commonly offered by local guides.

The southern freshwater fisheries are home to some great Redfin Perch hot spots, making November a wonderful opportunity for a fun-filled day in the wilderness. Check availability for local fishing charters in Western Australia.