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  • Extended fishing trips – $766
  • 4-hour fishing trips – $135

Fishing in the Northwest Territories is an unparalleled experience. You’ll be surrounded by untamed wilderness and hundreds of icy-clean lakes and rivers as you target some of the biggest fish in North America. As the region is almost uninhabited, you can forget about crowded fishing spots. Here you have miles and miles of fishing grounds just for yourself.

What to Catch

If you’re looking for a huge Lake Trout, you’re in the right place! You can find them in Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake and the best time to come is either early spring or late fall. You’ll mostly troll for them but if you want to make things more interesting, try fly fishing.
You can also catch Walleye, Arctic Grayling, Inconnu, Northern Perch, Arctic Char, and Pike. Some pursuits will take you away from the lakes and you’ll visit the Taltson River, the Tree River, and their tributary streams.
Most fishing charters are available from June until late October, but you can also visit during winter. 

How To Get Here

Yellowknife Airport is the best gateway to other destinations in the Northwest Territories. From there, you’ll head to your fishing lodge, which is usually organized by your guiding crew. Depending on the location of your fishing lodge, they’ll take you by car or by plane. Either way, the transport price is in most cases included in the price. We advise you to always check the transportation policy with your guide before your trip.

What to Expect

Fishing in the Northwest Territories demands commitment, to say the least. Most people that come to fish here are not local and fishing guides have adjusted their service to that. Unlike most other places, it’s not about choosing between the number of hours – but days! Chances are, you probably won’t come here for a half day trip (even though they are available), so the offer consists of multi day packages. This also means that fishing guides won’t organize only a fishing trip – they’ll also cover your accommodation. 
You’ll find a range of 3–8 day packages, with lodging included in the price. Note that service differs from one guide to another, so always check if there are any extra expenses (e.g. meals, transport, daily excursions).
In the Northwest Territories, fishing is not the only thing you can do. Take a day for other outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, snowmobiling, or wildlife watching. Check with your guide to see how you can spend your day when you don’t feel like fishing. One thing you shouldn’t miss is seeing the northern lights – it’s one of those moments that will make you believe magic exists!

The beginning of the year is not great for fishing as for 30 days, a large part of the Northwest Territories is in total darkness. You can celebrate the return of daylight with locals during the Inuvik Sunrise Festival.
There are still more dark than light hours in a day, so you’ll hardly find anyone going on a fishing trip. However, you can visit the Snowking Winter Festival in Yellowknife. 
The darkness lifts and the days are slightly lighter but the winter is still here and fishing is low. In your spare time, make sure to visit Naka, an Aurora-themed event!
April is reserved for ice fishing! If you’re not used to this type of fishing, make sure to check with your guide on how to prepare. 
One of the first catches of the season is Arctic Grayling. They make their river run in May and you can easily attract them using a fly.
Fishing from the Yellowknife Bay is great, especially if you’re looking to target Lake Trout. You can also go after Northern Pike and Arctic Grayling.
As the weather gets warmer, the fish move to deeper water, especially in the lake. When they go further, it’s best to target them by trolling.
Depending on your fishing spot, you can target Walleye, Grayling, Pike, and Inconnu. Your classic rod and reel works best during summer. 
As the temperatures drop, fish move closer to the shallow waters. You don’t have to go far to have a successful day.
October is the end of the season for most fishing guides. The sunlight gets shorter and fish movement is lower. You can still catch Northern Pike and Lake Trout.
You can go fishing, but don’t count on there being many charter boats! Ice fishing overtakes the scene and you’ll have the best chance with Northern Pike. 
The sun sets and doesn’t show up for a month. It’s too cold and dark for fishing, so take this time to enjoy the Northern Lights.

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