Ebro River Catfish Fishing Charters

Ebro River Catfish Fishing Charters

Best Catfish Fishing Charters in Ebro River

Catfish Fishing in Ebro River

  • Size 2 to 40lbs
  • Food Value Good
  • Game Qualities Average
  • Habitats River, Lake, Flats, Backcountry

(Ictalurus punctatus/furcatus; Pylodictis olivaris; Ameiurus catus)

Fishing along the River Ebro is synonymous with catfishing. This extensive, winding waterway is home to monster Catfish, growing to over 300 pounds! In fact, River Ebro catfishing offers some of the best fishing in Europe. Follow the river from the mountains to the delta, and get your hands on the catch of a lifetime.

What to Expect

River Ebro catfishing offers fun for everyone. Whether you’re looking to learn how to fish, looking for plenty of action, or fancy landing that trophy catch, there’s something for you. 
Follow the winding river around some stunning countryside against the backdrop of the Pyrenees, or head to the delta and mix up your catfishing experience with some offshore fishing too. Choose between half day, full day, and multi day packages depending on your skill level and enthusiasm, and away you go. 
Beginners may be better suited to shorter trips in the river itself, testing your bottom fishing skills to land these creatures. Meanwhile, avid anglers can take advantage of the chance to spend hours on the water, battling it out with huge beasts, and targeting a range of other species too. 
You’ll also have the option of choosing between an on-foot guide or a charter boat. A charter will see you hit the fishing grounds with ease, while following the river on foot will see you fight the elements as well as the fish to land the catch, which adds a bit of spice to your trip.

When to Go

The beauty of River Ebro catfishing is that it’s available year-round. These prized creatures can be found from the mountains to the sea at any time of year. Summer and autumn are peak season for trophy-sized monsters, while spring yields lots of smaller fish for you to target. With the weather rarely dropping below 20 degrees, there’s no need to worry about getting cold, either!

How to Prepare

Before you embark on your River Ebro catfishing adventure, you’ll want to make sure you’ve picked the right trip for you. Choose between lodging, a charter boat, or an on-foot guide depending on your needs and away you go. 
Whatever you choose, you’ll have the pick of the latest tackle, bait, and lures for a productive trip. All your fishing licenses will be included with a guide, too, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Make sure to stock up on drinks and snacks, dress to protect yourself against the elements, and settle in for a memorable trip. 
With incredible views guaranteed and the chance to catch the fish of a lifetime, why not try out catfishing in the River Ebro? Come and experience the holiday you’ve always wanted!

Ebro River Catfish Fishing Seasons

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Catfish fishing in Ebro River varies moderately throughout the year. High season is June to October. Low season is January to February and December. There is no closed season.

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