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Top Fishing Charters in Buenos Aires

Fishing in Buenos Aires

One of the largest cities in Latin America, Buenos Aires is situated right on top of the La Plata River estuary. With so much water in the vicinity, wanting to fish comes naturally to any angler. What the local fisheries lack in diversity, they make up in abundance, as you’re sure to see with any Buenos Aires fishing charter.

Known For

The capital of Argentina is a place with a long history, rich culture, and plenty of things to do both day and night. There’s a reason why people refer to it as the "Paris of the South." When you’ve had your share of what Buenos Aires has to offer on the land, it’s time to head out on the water and enjoy some fishing.


Two words to best describe the local fishery are simple and satisfying. The Golden Dorado is the undisputed ruler of these waters and the main target of most recreational anglers. You can find other species like Pejerrey and Catfish too, but they are far behind Golden Dorado in both numbers and popularity.


Inshore Fishing

La Plata River (also known as Rio de la Plata or River Plate) is the main focus of all Buenos Aires inshore fishing. Academics will debate whether it’s really a gulf, marginal sea, or river, but they can all agree that it’s full of fish.

Primarily known for its Pejerrey fishery, La Plata River fishing is strongest during the winter season (April to September). Pejerrey prefer clear waters and don’t shy away from being near the surface. This means you can get a lot of work done if you’re on a boat with a keen-eyed captain.

River Fishing

The Parana River is Golden Dorado central, and a must-visit for any angler who’s new to the area. It’s especially a hit with fly anglers from all over the world as Golden Dorado put up a terrific fight. Also known as the River Tiger, it’s most often found near debris like sunken logs and will greedily jump at surface flies like Poppers.

Need to Know

People speak the Castilian dialect of Spanish in Argentina, a bit different to what people in other Latin American countries are used to. You should be able to find a bilingual charter without any problems, thanks to the number of foreign anglers that come to fish here every year.


Adults fishing in both freshwater and saltwater fisheries need to have a valid fishing license. Some licensed fishing charters have the option to sell you one on the boat, so it’s always a good idea to check with your captain before the trip.


If you’re looking to book a trip through a charter service, you’re looking at spending around $400–$500 per person for a full day trip. A full day trip in Buenos Aires is usually a 10–12 hour affair that includes all the necessary gear and likely lunch as well.

Getting There

Buenos Aires is the starting point for anyone aiming to go deeper into Argentina proper. This results in a number of different options at your disposal. Those coming in from Uruguay usually opt for one of several ferry services from Colonia and Montevideo. Anglers coming in from elsewhere in the world will be using one of three airports in the city.


Argentina, in general, is a paradise for adventurous anglers, and Buenos Aires is no exception. Whether it’s going after Pejerrey in Rio de la Plata or casting flies for big Golden Dorado from the riverside, the Queen of El Plata is happy to have you!

Buenos Aires Fishing Seasons

What better way to start off the year than by going after Golden Dorado in the waters of the La Plata River. It’s peak season for fly fishing all around!

Buenos Aires is all about sports in February. While most people will be focused on the annual ATP Buenos Aires tournament, you’re free to do some sportfishing instead.

The Golden Dorado bite will slowly start to dwindle in the following months, but you can still have a great time in the water on longer trips.

Every year, Buenos Aires hosts the International Festival of Independent Cinema. Before you check out the latest in cinema, you can do some fishing for Pejerrey.

The winter season is setting in, which means you’ll have some very clear waters to look forward to in large parts of Rio de la Plata.

Anglers looking to find the biggest fish around will be fishing in the southeastern reaches of the River Plate where Pejerrey get as big as they come.

It’s cold, yes, but not as cold as you’d get south in Patagonia or even New York in winter for that matter. Definitely not too cold for fishing!

While fishing in Rio de la Plata is still great, you’ll find some daring anglers headed out into the rivers in search of Golden Dorado. If you’re feeling lucky, go ahead and join them.

September is when you can expect the weather to mellow and start getting warmer, making river fishing better and better by the week.

For the next month or two, you can find some huge Catfish in the open waters. Stock up on shrimp and get to work, it’s loads of fun!

The Golden Dorado bite is on fire, making November one of the best times of year to come on down and do some river fishing.

The year might be ending, but the fishing season is far from over. Join the legion of anglers going after the famed Golden Dorado for a day to remember!

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Top Targeted Species in Buenos Aires

Golden Dorado

Pejerrey (Silverside)